Ginger Tonic for Sore Throat

The weather is playing hide and seek with us and our health is going for a toss. Fever, cold, cough and sore throat are everywhere! You could get sore throat just like that, it could be the sudden weather change, or because of some food that you must have had last night. Well, in any case sore throat can affect you in any time of the year and when it does, it is awful. It takes all your attention from everything around you and all you can do is concentrate on that sore throat that is pestering you.

Ginger Tonic for Sore Throat

So before it gets on to you completely, you should consider taking on some rapid home remedies and calm yourself and your throat absolutely. Here is a really simple home remedy for sore throat that can help you to get rid of it.


  • Ginger is loaded with properties that will ease off the pain.
  • It is an n expectorant, which means it will help in loosening and expelling mucus from your respiratory system. Its aroma opens up your sinuses.
  • It will boost your circulation, increase the oxygen flow to the cells and flush out toxins thus speeding up the healing.



  • Fresh ginger root- 2 inches
  • Water- 2- 3 cups
  • Honey


Wash the ginger thoroughly and peel off the skin. Slice it into small pieces by placing it on the cutting board.

Crush it well and put it in hot water. Let it infuse for 5 minutes.

Strain it in a cup and add some honey for flavor and sip the drink while it is warm and nice.

Ginger Tonic for Sore Throat


Ginger Steam for sore throat – You can also place several slices of ginger or a drop of ginger oil in steaming hot water. Inhale the scent the steam to help soothe your throat. Do not stand too close to the hot water to ensure safety.

Other than these remedies you can also apply a warm heating pad or compress to your throat to ease the pain.