Easy cooking tips with vinegar

Easy cooking tips with vinegarVinegar is a versatile product which can be used in cooking as well in cleaning process. The uses are not only limited to this, but vinegar is extremely beneficial over skin and hair. Vinegar is mostly formed by fermenting alcohol, which is sometimes wine and sometimes beer too.

Vinegar is a high perishable product, if not stored properly. Vinegars tend to boost the flavor in the tasting bud which makes it highly useful in cooking. There are many chefs who have describes vinegar as the game changer’ which changes the taste of the food instantly.

Here are few simple tricks to cook easily with vinegar:

  • Just 2 spoons of vinegar can help to make the curry tastier. It helps to trigger the tasting buds and also adds flavor to the recipes. The thing you can ever add to your fish, and chicken curries is vinegar. Just 2 spoons can work better on them.
  • Vinegar has a bit soup taste which helps to make it perfect to add over the vegetable dressing recipes. If you have a salad or any studded veggies, you can add a bash of vinegar over dressing which helps to add a bit sour taste to it and also makes it taste delicious than before.
  • The best way to consume onions is to dip them in vinegar and then consume them. Onions dipped in vinegar helps to enhance the taste of onions which is becomes more edible. Also if you are irritated with the smell released from onions, vinegar helps to reduce the odor.
  • Cooking cabbage includes taste which is not much good in taste and also the smell released in pungent. Adding a bash of vinegar over the cabbage while cooking can help the dish tastier and also you can a sweet and sour flavoring coming out.
  • One of the simple ways to enhance the taste of grilled veggies and fish is adding vinegar on the top and then grill it in oven. This will grill the fish properly and also add flavor to it.
  • All fruits salad should be added with the bash of vinegar to improve the flavor and taste.
  • If you are serving the food with some herbs, soak the herbs in vinegar and then add it to the dish to enhance the flavor and taste of the recipe.
  • Things where you rub lemon and use lemon juice can be alternated with some vinegar. However, you should not over use vinegar. Start with 1-2 spoons, taste it and add some more if needed.
  • Did you know even flavors of desserts can be increased with vinegar? Yes, there are many chef who have advised to add vinegar to enhance the taste of the pudding, cakes or any of your dessert.
  • You can always preserve raw chilies in vinegar and then serve it with the recipe to enhance the taste of it.

These very the few tricks to cook with vinegar which can be useful to all the ladies reading the post. Have a happy vingar cooking!