The 10 best antioxidant-rich foods

Anti-oxidants are well known to fight against heart diseases, cancer, skin ageing, etc. There are many useful benefits of anti-oxidants. Free radicals in our body can damage our body parts. Anti-oxidants are very essential to fight against free radicals and protect our body. So, what are those top foods rich in anti-oxidants? Guess, what tops the list. It’s a small red bean. Even russet potatoes, cinnamon, and pecans are in the list.

Small Red Beans1. Small Red Beans: All most all types of beans are healthy but the more colorful they are, the better they are. Prefer red or black beans since their benefits are numerous. They are full of flavonoids which protect your heart and prevent certain types of cancers keeping you younger for longer period. Add beans to your meals at least once or twice a week.Blueberries

2. Blueberries: Blueberries are also very rich providing many health benefits with its rich anti-oxidants. These are a rich source of plant chemical called anthocyanins due to which blueberries got that awesome color. This chemical protects your heart from getting attacked by any disease, provides you better night vision and reduces blood glucose levels.

blackberries3. Blackberries
Anthocyanins, a plant chemical is very high in black berries which provide them the deep color. These are rich in fiber and vitamin C thus fighting against certain types of cancers and heart diseases. Few more benefits include the presence of high bioflavonoids and low sodium content. Blackberries help in tightening skin tissues thus providing youthful look for longer. It also improves bring alertness providing better memory power.

4. Pinto beans

Like kidney beans, even pinto beans are low in fat and have no saturated fat, trans fat or cholesterol. These are rich in fiber, folic acid, iron, and potassium as well. Other than providing the benefits of protecting heart and preventing certain types of cancers, these also can bring diabetes and blood pressure to control.

apples5. Apples
Apples are low in fat and cholesterol with rich fiber content and low calories in them. Apples are packed with fiber, vitamins, and minerals that will help keep the doctor away. Apples are a potent source of antioxidants. Antioxidants are widely considered to be a measure of a food’s disease fighting potential and apples are a very rich source.cranberries

6. Cranberries
Cranberries are well known in the prevention of harmful bacteria from sticking to the walls of urinary tract. And so prevents infections related to it. Not only this but these are also rich in antioxidants and many other phytonutrients which protect our body from heart diseases, various cancers, memory loss and few other conditions.

artichokes7. Artichokes
Artichokes are very rich in vitamin C, folates, and fibers. These are also low in calories and sodium. Cynarin and silymarin are two antioxidants that are quite beneficial for liver for which these are used to cure few liver related diseases. Not only these, but artichokes are beneficial for digestive system, gallbladder and cholesterol due to rich fiber presence in them.

red kidney beans8. Red Kidney Beans
We all know this fact very well that beans are very healthy. They contain low fat and no saturated fat, trans fat or cholesterol is present in them. These are rich source of fiber, folic acid, proteins, iron, and potassium. They protect your heart and prevent cancer. They even can control diabetes and blood pressure.

9. Prunes

Prunes are very rich in fiber and anti-oxidants which slows down both mental and physical age related problems. Even prunes fight against various types of cancers, obesity, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, and it lowers down the cholesterol levels.

10. Raspberries

Raspberries are rich in polyphenolic compounds, a type of plant chemicals and powerful anti-oxidants. They fight against cardiovascular diseases, certain types of cancers, inflammation etc. This is why these are used to cure arthritis related pain as well. They also prevent macular degeneration, ageing, diabetes and they improve eye vision, blood formation, and immunity.

Include these top antioxidant rich foods to your diet and stay healthy preventing various diseases at bay.