Fluttering eyelashes is a feature that every girl craves for. Yes, nice long and thick eyelashes do make you look a zillion times more gorgeous isn’t it? You would be lying if you say, Nah! I am not a fan of thick eyelashes!! Yeah right! If you don’t have them, it is simple get them! Would it hurt to look a little more glamorous? If spending a little can make you gorgeous, then why not do it? I know what you are thinking, I do not know how to wear it, Isn’t that supposed to be done at a salon? Well, nope, not at all, anybody can sport fake lashes without drama. Just a bit of technique is all you need which you will master in no time and you are good to roll.


This time, I am back with an exciting article which is a guide to fake lashes.

Brand: First thing to keep in mind when you buy fake lashes is the brand. Although you may start off with a cheaper brands in order to get into the process and master the art. But when using it for any special day do buy a good eyelash from a good brand. There are numerous brands out there that make super eyelashes. Some of them are MAC, Ardell, Red Cherry etc.

Lashes as per shape of the eyes: Second point to keep in mind is the shape of your eyes. If you have smaller eyes, then go for lashes that are thicker towards the outer corner. This will give it a bit of lift as well as length to the lashes. Wide set eyes which generally have little or no crease should go for lashes that are thicker in the center of the eyes.

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Size your lashes: Now this is very important, if you wish to achieve a more natural finish to your eye lashes. Besides if the lashes are too long, it becomes a difficult task to maneuver. Resize your eyelashes as per your natural eyelash length. Trim them down with the help of a cuticle scissor.

Putting fake eyelashes: Loads of practice can make you a pro in this case. To begin with, add a drop of Duo adhesive on the back of your hand and then with the help of a cuticle stick, gently dab the glue to the lash. Wait for about 15 seconds and then gently place the strip on the outer edge of your eyes making sure that they are as close to the lash line possible. Also note that the angle of your false lashes needs to match the angle of your own lashes

Mascara: To blend the fake lashes along with your real lashes, use generous coats of mascara. Make sure you apply 3 to 4 coats of mascara and also use eyeliner on the lash line to camouflage the base of the fake eyelashes.

Removal of the lashes: Oil-free makeup remover is what you need to reach out to if you want to easily remove the fake eyelashes. This softens the glue thereby making it easy to remove the lashes.

Storing the fake eyelashes: Yes, they are reusable, well, most of them at least. Just make sure you do not use any oil based cleanser to remove the eyelashes that will decrease its life. Before storing it remember to remove the leftover glue from the fake eyelashes, you can do that easily with a Q-tip. Put them in a clean plastic container.