Hey all!!! You may regularly oil, shampoo and condition your hair and still not have healthy tresses. This is because your hair needs extra pampering and love in addition to the routine tasks. Extra nutrition is definitely required for keeping your hair healthy and shiny. Today I am sharing a hair pack that will address all your hair problems. This pack will boost your hair health by providing more protein and vitamins to the hair. This will strengthen your hair and reduce any hair fall, resulting in shiny and healthy hair.



Ingredients required for the pack:

  • 2 tbsp of mayonnaise.
  • 1 whole egg.
  • 1 tsp of olive oil.
  • 4-5 drops of lemon essential oil.
  • 4-5 drops of tea tree essential oil.
  • 4-5 drops of lavender essential oil.
  • 1-2 capsules of Vitamin E.

Preparation of the hair pack:

  1. Crack the egg open in a bowl and whisk the egg smoothly.
  2. Add mayonnaise to the bowl and mix it well with the whipped egg.
  3. Add all the other ingredients and mix to form a smooth creamy paste.

Application of the hair pack:

  1. Wet your hair slightly using a spray bottle.
  2. Apply the hair pack on the entire hair – right from the roots to the tips, using a brush or your hand.
  3. Keep the pack on for half an hour. Wear a shower cap if you feel the pack is dripping.
  4. Rinse the hair pack in cold or lukewarm water. Do not use hot water to wash the pack off as it may cook the eggs. 😉
  5. Follow it up with shampoo and a bit of conditioner.

Apply this hair pack weekly and experience the improvement in texture and strength of your hair. Finally a solution to all your hair woes.

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