Of late, we have been hearing a lot about ‘detox foot baths’. But what is a detox foot bath? What are the benefits associated with it? Can we try going for a homemade detox foot bath? Well, if you too have been wondering about these various aspects of detox foot baths, I am sure this article will help you get your doubts cleared.

BENEFITS AND HOMEMADE DETOX FOOT BATHDid you know that a detox foot bath is often referred to as a ‘medical marvel’? In fact, it is claimed by practitioners that after the treatment is successfully done, the water tends to turn dark and rusty in colour, which in turn, is the result of toxins being extracted out of your body! Now, that sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Let us find out some the other significant details associated with detox foot bath.

There have been debates regarding whether or not you really get to benefit so much and doctors as well as scientists tend to have different opinions. However, a detox foot bath definitely gives you a revitalizing effect and you feel relaxed.

Homemade Detox Foot Bath Recipe

You can certainly like to try out a homemade detox bath recipe by mixing a cup of sea salt and a cup of Epsom salt with two cups of baking soda. Now fill a tub with hot water in which you can immerse your feet comfortably. Pour the mixture in the tub and sit with your feet immersed for about half an hour. This unique combination of salts and hot water is known to draw toxins from your system and offer you a refreshing feeling! After bathing your feet, use a natural fibre foot brush for exfoliating your feet and then, smother your feet with fresh aloe vera gel. Do it regularly for a week and then, switch over to a twice a week schedule during the next month. After that, do it once every week to make the most of this homemade treatment.

Ionic Detox Foot Baths: The Procedure and Treatment

Choose to go for the treatment at your favourite wellness centre or a reputed spa that provides specialised ionic detox foot bath services. During the treatment, warm saltwater is ionized while you relax and breathe easy. Your feet enjoy bathing and in the meantime, your body does away with toxins through the minute pores on your feet. These toxins are often the result of unhealthy food habits and certain medical conditions. Two electrodes are immersed in the tub of water containing salt and electrode. An electric current passes through the water, and the water gets discoloured, supposedly because of the toxins released from your body.

Whether you go for it at a nearby spa or make the most of it using a homemade foot bath treatment, the detox foot bath treatment is surely worth a try! When do you plan to give it a shot?

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