Ways to make thin hair look fuller and thicker

Thin hair can be quite de-motivating for some. Whatever may be the reason for thin hair, you can get back to thick, voluptuous and bouncy hair using simple, tried and tested remedies at home.

Ways to make thin hair look fuller and thickerShampoo: Go for a shampoo that will get the hair follicles on your scalp to perk up. Amongst the brands available, try Lush’s Big shampoo to get thick roots. It not only massages your scalp, it also stimulates blood flow.

Conditioner: There might be several “hydrating” and “smoothing” shampoos available but they have oils in them that will keep your hair from gaining volume. The best way to condition them is using natural remedies such as yogurt or amla.

Blow-drying: Spray a heat protectant all over hair. Follow it up by blow-drying using a round brush. Once the dampness is gone, flip the hair back over and begin to blow dry the rest. See to it that there is a diffuser on the end of your dryer so as to give hair an amped-up look.

Velcro Rollers: Once you have blow dryed your hair, put your front hair in velcro rollers and clips for about 20 minutes. This will help bring in high volume to your otherwise thin hair.

Root Lifter: Spritz a small amount of root lifter in your hair to make sure your roots stay up. You can achieve it by using either mousse or spray. However, see to it not to overdo it as that will help weigh down your hair in the process.

Hairspray: Hairsprays that have thickening or volumising agents in them help tackle fine hair. Keep using them off and on to set your overall look.

Layering: In your next salon visit, give layers a try. By layering sections of hair, a texturized look is created which creates thicker hair. This gives a more filling look to your face as compared to the previous one.

Brushing: Often we end up brushing our hair too often. This stimulates oils from the scalp which end up creating flat hair. The best option is to use a wide-tooth comb that will help fix your hair to bounce and volume.

Washing Your Hair: We all might be hearing this from our grandma’s time, but it is a known fact. Washing hair everyday reduces the hair plumpness. When you avoid frequent washing of hair, you stand a chance to get full looking hair at the roots. If you still feel the urge, go ahead and use a dry shampoo in-between the washes.

Getting your hair to new heights and thickness is workable. All you need to keep in mind is the frequency in which you do the same.

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