DIFFERENT WAYS TO USE WHITE EYELINER PENCILWhite eyeliner is not very common for daily use but if you know how to use it the right way then it can become your best-friend. Yes, white eyeliner is a multi-purpose product and that is why it is gaining a lot of popularity these days. Women only use black kajal and stay away from white’s because they simply don’t know how to use it. But today I’m going to show many different ways you can use your white eyeliner and this will give you reason to experiment.

Perfect Pout:

Highlighting is the best way to enhance your features. After applying your lipstick, take your white pencil and apply it on your cupid bow and just below your lower-lip. Blend it using your fingers or lip-brush so that no harsh lines are left behind. The white pencil will leave a 3D effect by giving an illusion of bigger lips.

French Manicure:

You can get a French manicure in 30 seconds using your favorite white eyeliner. Take your white liner and start coloring the underside of your fingernail to the tips of your nails to get perfect French manicure like salons. For better results you can even wet the tip of the pencil before application. It will get remove with water easily but can be really handy for emergencies.

Wake up:

To fake a good night sleep and to make your eyes look bigger, you can simply put white liner on inner part of your eyelid. Also apply it on inner corner for fresh radiant look. But if you have big eyes then don’t do it.

Hide Redness:

Concealing redness can be done without caking your face with makeup. To cover up a red blemish, first moisturize it than apply white pencil on it and then apply your concealer. Blend the area completely and then pat some powder over it.

Tint other eyeshadow:

The color of eyeshadow looks intense in the pan but when you apply it on your lids it appears light? Oh, don’t worry. Take your white eyeliner and apply it all over your lid as eyeshadow base and then apply eyeshadow over it, to make the color intense. Moreover, it will also help in making the eye-makeup last longer.


If you’re short of highlighting powders then you can use white eyeliner in place of it. Grab your white pencil and stroke a few lines onto the top of your cheekbones, under your brows, top of the lips, center of forehead and a little on your chin. Blend it immediately to get rid of harsh lines and you’ll be left with matte highlighting effect.