USES OF BAY LEAF FOR HAIR AND SKINBay leaf is commonly used in Asian countries as a flavored herb. It is also known as tej patta which loves more over like a dried leaf on your kitchen counters. You might usually know about this aromatic herb been used in cooking on a large-scale.

Bay leaf can also be used in its powdery form over health, skin and hair. We have already explained about the benefits of bay leaf over hair, here we bring some of the most surprising and amazing benefits of bay leaf over India. The fact that bay leaf can even be used besides cooking is still unknown to many. So, read on to know more about the benefits of bay leafs over hair.

1. Smooth hair

Bay leaf can also be used to achieve smooth and silky hair. All you need to do is, boil some bay leaf in a pan full of water. Let the water boil with his herb for not less than 20 minutes. Once you feel the aroma is released out, you can turn off the flame and allow the water to cool down. You can even store this in a container and use it on the damp hair before using shampoo.

2. Kills bacteria and fungal infection over scalp

Due to irregular oiling of hair or may be due to other inappropriate reasons, you scalp can soon be attacked by the fungal and bacterial injection on it. Bay leaf has anti bacterial and anti fungal properties which helps to kill the infection on the scalp. Just rinsing the scalp with bay leaf water can help to cure the scalp infections. Repeat this everyday for better results.

3. TreatsĀ  dandruff and itchy scalp

Take few bay leaves and grind them into powder. Mix the powder with some coconut oil and apply it to the itchy areas of the scalp. This mixture helps to strengthen the hair follicles and also reduce the itchiness over scalp. This herbal paste can also be used over itchy skin too. A rinse with bay leaf water can help to treat dandruff over hair. Bay leaf water acts like a tonic to hair which helps to treat the dandruff and also eradicate the dandruff built over scalp.

4. Helps to get rid of lice

Lice start with one and they can multiply into lakhs within 10 days. Rinsing off with bay leaf water can help to treat the lice on the hair and also clean the scalp thoroughly. Due to its bitter-tasting and strong flavor, it creates a suffocating condition for lice to stay in your hair.

5. Tones the skin

Bay leaves can also be used to get a clean and smooth skin. All you need to do is boil some bay leaves in water and stain the leaves and store the water in the container. Now, you can use this water as a skin tone and use it over face twice a day. This will help to even the pigmentation and also tone the skin well.


6. Relaxation

Like other Detox bath you can also use bay leaves while talking bath. Bay leaves have anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties which help to provide relaxation to the body and also soothe the skin. You need to crush some bay leaves and convert it into powder. Use this powder and mix it in the water before going to bath.

These we some of the benefits of bay leaf over hair. Just a few process of making bay leaf water can help to treat the entire scalp and hair related problem.