MAKEUP MISTAKES YOU’RE MAKINGMistakes are a part of life and we all learn from our mistakes only. When I was a makeup beginner I used to make so many makeup mistakes but thankfully I’ve learned a lot from them and today I’ll be sharing some common “makeup mistakes”.

These mistakes are very common and whether you’re a makeup artist or a newbie I’m sure you must be guilty of at least few of them.

Wrong Shade of Foundation:

A very common makeup mistake which we all have seen at least once. Well girls “foundations aren’t not meant to make you look fairer or to give your skin a tanned look” but they are “supposed to create an even-toned complexion by covering all your flaws”. So you should buy a foundation which blends easily into the skin without giving you that made-up look. The best way to find your perfect match is by swatching the shade on your jawline.

White Eyeliner on Waterline:

I’m sure you must have heard that instant solution to open up eyes is by simply using white eyeliner. But white eyeliner is not meant for all skin tones and it can look weird and unnatural. So, instead of using this old way to get bigger and brighter eye-effect try using a nude or peachy-beige shade for a more natural look. First use nude color pencil on your lower-inner rim and then finish off using your favorite black kohl.

Curling Your lashes last:

Always curl your lashes before applying mascara and not after applying it. Mascara is basically applied after curling the lashes so that the curls hold up for longer period of time. Using a curling on lashes coated with mascara will not give you the desired result. After curling them you can apply two coats for mascara for dramatic effect but don’t go over-board with it.

Apply Concealer the wrong way:

The correct way to apply concealer undereye is using the “V-shape or inverted triangle shape”. Simply apply concealer in a v-shape and blend it using your fingertips in downwards and outwards direction. Moreover, never use a concealer lighter than your skin tone because it is supposed to hide imperfections but if you’ll use lighter shade of concealer and you’re automatically drawing attention towards it.

Skip Base Coat:

If you wonder why your nails are turning yellow or why your manicure never last for more than 2 days then this is the reason. A base coat will act as a barrier against your dark nails and your nails preventing them from turning yellow. Moreover it will also make your manicure last longer than usual.