While selecting nail paints, what do you keep in mind? Do you just go as per your choice of colors or choose something that you must have seen on your friend’s nails? Well ideally you should be selecting nail paint as per your skin tone. The fact is that the colors we choose to wear on us can make or break the look for us so why ruin it, right? Keep in mind just a few points and you are good to roll. This way you can avoid getting a shade that may probably disappoint you later.


Here is how you choose nail color as per your skin tone.

First let’s start with pale or very light complexion: The light skin is generally considered to be a under cool undertone. So the shades that generally go great with such complexion are pastel colors, lighter shades like pinks and blues. Pinks and reds on the nails will brighten your hands. Corals are another great option. If you have a warm undertone then you must choose coral-red. If you are extremely white then stay away from dark shades as they will make you look paler.

Fair or light complexion: The so-called fair complexion have more variety of shades to choose from comparitively. Red shade looks super cool on both cool as well as warm undertones under fair complexion category. Red polish with peach or golden undertones look great with warm undertones. Meanwhile blue based reds looks great on cool undertones. The most flattering colors for fair complexions are beige, silver and white. Other than these light as well as medium toned purple, darker pinks, soft oranges and berry shades work well too. The shades that has to be avoided are green, dark orange, very dark blue and gold.

Medium skin tone: The medium skin tone or the olive skin tone benefits the most as you get to choose from a large variety of colors on your nails. Olive skin is a combination of 2 undertones which is yellow and greenish hue and this gives it the variation to suit most of the colors.The colors that look extremely good on your nails are dark burgandy, pink, blue, orange and yellow. The most flattering colors also include peach and gold. The colors to avoid are orange based reds and blue based reds. Dark olive tones can carry nails with earthy tone colors as well as chocolate browns with red undertones.

Tan skin tone: Warm colors work great for you. Browns pale shades, light blues, purples and pink look great on your nails. Avoid gold and shades of gold as they tend to blend with the tan skin tone.

Dark complexion: Deeper colors look great on darker complexions. No browns here as they just camoflauge with the deep skin tone.The shades that look great on you would be dark plums, burgandy, vibrant purples, bright orange and rich dark tones. Avoid using grey, deep purples and black as these colors tend to make your complexion look dull. Avoid bright neons, yellows, pastels, and whites too.