If you are looking for some simple remedies to pep up your fat burning mechanism and thus reach your weight loss goals faster, then you are the right destination. Here are 10 fabulous spices that meet your needs!



1. Asafetida:

Asafoetida is very useful and safe spice you can try. This spice is valued for its ability to boost energy levels and improve metabolism. It improves the digestive potential and thereby ease bloating. This spice also contains a good dose of antioxidants that does away with inflammation and promote weight loss. Sprinkle a generous amount of this spice on your salad or use it while cooking your favorite recipe to reap its goodness.

2. Cayenne Pepper:

Cayenne pepper contains capsaicin, a fiery compound, which has thermogenic properties. This property enables this spice to pep up the metabolism level, increase body temperature, and thus aid in weight loss. Studies suggest that capsaicin has the potential to cut down the net calorie intake, shrink the fatty tissues and regulate the levels of fat in blood. It also prevents the buildup of fat, thereby aiding in weight loss.
3. Cinnamon:

Even though the weight loss benefits of cinnamon are still being debated, studies suggest that it has the potential to lower the levels of sugar and cholesterol in blood. According to various researches, this spice is capable of improving the level of glucose metabolism, in turn paving way for better management of hunger pangs. This curbs overeating, thereby proving to be beneficial for weight loss. Best remedies using cinnamon >>

4. Black Pepper: Piperine, an ingredient present in the black pepper, is known to curb the formation of fat cells. Black pepper, when used along with cayenne pepper and long pepper and a good exercise regimen, can easily improve the calorie burning rate. In short, it is one of the best spices you can include in any meal to boost up your weight loss.

5. Long Pepper:

Referred to as pippali in Ayurveda, this spice is quite pungent in nature. It can be effectively used to lower the excess body weight by stimulating the digestion of toxins that reside in the fat tissues and preventing their buildup. It also improves the intake of nutrients and peps up digestive potential, thus helping in weight loss.

6. Carom Seeds:

Called as Bishop’s weeds, carom seeds have a special place among the spices for weight loss. It contains various ingredients that can promote digestion and fluid retention. It also enhances the rate of metabolism. The combined effects of all the properties aid in weight loss. Just add 1 tsp of carom seeds to 1 liter boiling water and keep boiling until the concoction turns deep brown. Strain the liquid and drink the solution throughout the day.

7. Turmeric:

According to various studies, Curcumin present in turmeric, lowers the synthesis of fat cells, thereby preventing weight gain. It also improves the insulin resistance and lowers the levels of blood sugar and cholesterol. It is also a natural anti-inflammatory agent. All these properties aid in melting off those excess pounds. Best remedies using turmeric >>
Add these spices to your healthy food regimen and attain your weight loss goals quicker and more effectively!