Chamomile Benefits, Uses and Remedies

 Chamomile can be used in curing various skin disorders through external application of it. Sore throats, genital inflammation can be cured if inhaled and used during bath. Chamomile can also be consumed to cure internal problems such as stomach problems, intestinal spasms and different inflammatory disorders. It is also prescribed clinically for stress induced state, and since their leaves own aromatic, apple like smell and at home their leaves can be burned to relax body and mind.

Chamomile Benefits, Uses and Remedies

Chamomile Tea:

Chamomile is being consumed mostly in the form of tea as home remedies over centuries now. Just by adding 2 tsp of dried flower powder of it in each cup of tea, cold, fever, etc. It is recommended to pluck those flowers from the plan just before blooming for better results. Inclusion of pepper mint, fennel and licorice is generally preferred for more effective results. Internal use of it can treat disorders such as inflammation and stomach cramps while external application of it in children can treat mosquito bites, eczema and other rashes caused on skin by stocking chamomile leaves and running hot water over it.

Health Benefits:

Recent Researches have proved that Chamomile is effective properties of relaxing sleep aid, muscle-relaxant, anti-bacterial, anti-allergenic, anti-spasmodic and sedative. Chamomile is widely being used in many other ways with many benefits.

  • Chamomiles can be used to curing wounds and hemorrhoids.
  • Allergies and antihistamine can be relieved with the use of Chamomile.
  • It can be used as tea for treating lumbago, Rashes and rheumatic problems.
  • Helps in soothing skin rashes (that includes eczema), skin inflammation, sun burns and other minor burns. These are used in oil, lotions and even in bath water to prevent bacterial infections and treating conjunctivitis.
  • Inhalation of Chamomile can prevent gum problems, sore throat, sinusitis and relaxes mind to help relieve anxiety.
  • Chamomile vapor can help in providing relief from asthma and cold symptoms. Use chamomile flowers in hot water and inhale the steam.
  • With the extracts of Chamomile flower, essential oil is prepared that can be used in many ways with many benefits such as relaxes sore muscles and tightens joints while easing frayed nerves in total provide calmness and peace. Added to baths to relieve muscle aches, sooth tired feet, and soften skin.
  • Relives people with spastic pain, intestinal bloating and excessive gas.
  • Chamomile being antimicrobial agent, it is capable of inactivating bacterial toxins while inhibiting streptococcal stains and staphylococcal strains of bacteria according to a German study.
  • It controls irritable bowel disorders like diverticular disease, Crohn’s Disease and various other gastrointestinal complaints, insomnia. Chamomile oil has historically been used as a sleep aid. A few drops applied to a pillow can often induce a state of relaxation and help you sleep better.
  • Eye inflammation and different infections can be cured with cooled chamomile tea to soothe irritated and tired eyes.

Cautions: Chamomile and products with it as an ingredient are mostly safe for all age groups but it cannot be recommended safely for pregnant women. And double checking for plant allergies such as ragweed by scanning it for spots and small patches is highly recommended before application of it on body skin. And for those who are allergenic with Compositae family, do avoid flowers as ragweed, chrysanthemums, asters and daisies. Symptoms of allergies can be found as bronchial constriction and skin rashes.