Best hair oils to speed up hair growth

Use oil to provide all the vital elements for fast growing, strong and beautiful hair. Oil enhances your hair growth and makes your hair healthy by keeping your hair supple and hair moisture shaft intact for a a silky & shiny look.

Best hair oils to speed up hair growthSTRONG AND HEALTHY HAIR

Avocado Oil:

The oil penetrates deep into the hair shaft and adds nourishment for faster hair growth. Avocado oil strengthens the strands and protects it. It contains proteins, healthy fats, amino acids and vitamins A, D, E and B6. All nutrients that make it ideal to help prevent damage to the hair. It is also loaded with fatty acids which help to make hair feel soft, smooth and shiny. The proteins help to repair any damage that’s already been caused and prevent future breakage and hair fall. The vitamins help protect the scalp and feed the hair follicles to promote healthy hair growth to maintain or restore health scalp. It is a light oil that absorbs easily into both the scalp and skin. Avocado oil can be added to shampoo, used as a deep treatment, or as a moisturizer for your skin and hair.

Coconut Oil:
Enriched with the goodness of proteins that nourish the hair roots, coconut oil prevents hair fall and stimulates hair growth.. It works to prevent scalp infections and keep hair healthy.  The oil strengthens hair follicles and promotes hair growth. Coconut oil works wonders for both dry and oily scalp, treating damaged hair restore its natural shine and strengthens the hair shaft. Coconut oil is high in vitamin E and other nutrients that result in thicker, shiner, healthier and stronger hair. will keep this from minimizing any form of breakage or any other hair problems like split ends or dandruff. READ MORE – BEST DIY COCONUT OIL HAIR PRODUCTS FOR FASTER HAIR GROWTH

Castor Oil:

Castor oil has properties which stimulates healthy hair growth. It nourishes hair and prevents the scalp from drying by retaining moisture. Castor oil when used in your hair care routine helps to seal moisture, softens, and visibly thickens hair. It can also be used by itself on the hair to seal in moisture and nourish the hair. Use castor oil to repair hair from the damage caused by excess styling and to moisturize and condition for a healthy hair and scalp. READ MORE – CASTOR OIL HAIR MASK FOR HAIR GROWTH

Extra Virgin Olive oil:

Olive oil penetrates the hair shaft making it more soft and supple. Extra virgin oil is also rich in high levels of mono-unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E, an antioxidant important to nourish hair follicles and boost hair growth. Olive oil is a fantastic conditioner for hair and massaging your scalp with olive oil will promote scalp health and improve circulation, for softer, smoother hair. It contains anti-inflammatory properties that promote scalp health and prevent dandruff. It can be used as a deep moisturizing treatment and to promote hair growth. READ MORE – Olive oil Hair Spray – moisturize your hair and give it a lustrous sheen.

Argan oil:

Argan oil is the most expensive of the hair oils. It contains lots of vitamin E, Omega 3 and 9 fatty acids, and antioxidants, all of which do amazing things for damaged, dry, coarse or frizzy hair. Argan Oil can be used for many areas including hydrating and nourishing skin for hair treatment to treat split ends, and softening hair. Argan Oil easily absorbs into the scalp to nourish, revitalize and to keep your hair looking beautiful, shiny and soft. Apply to your hair while it is still damp to calm frizzy ends, add moisture to dry hair as well as add a little shine or you can read more on – 10 Amazing Ways to use coconut oil for healthy hair and scalp