Top 10 Foods to put on your face for Beautiful Skin

Face is most important part of our body. Beautiful face can melt thousands of heart. In market there are many products available which can make you look beautiful but it’s also important than your face is healthy from inside. Healthy food will give you glowing and refreshing face.
So friends why to invest money on expensive beauty products? You can have healthy glowing skin from ingredients available at your home.

Top 10 Foods to put on your face for Beautiful SkinToday, we share with you top 10 foods to put on your face which will make your skin more flawless.

1)      Strawberries
Strawberry act as refresher to your face, you can apply strawberries directly on your face by rubbing or mash them and apply as a mask on your skin. A strawberry removes oil from your face and works as an antioxidant and helps to brighten your face and make it glow. Do you know they are also used as a teeth whitener? Read on to make a natural turmeric toothpaste.

2)      Eggs
Egg is best food for your face. You can just use egg white or can use whole egg. If you apply egg white on your face then it will help your skin to be more firm and tighten your pores while if you apply whole egg than they will provide more moisturizing. Take egg and rub it over a clean face, let egg dry on your face for few minutes and then wash your face with cold water. This is easy egg white facial mask.

3)      Baking Soda
Take baking soda and mix in with distilled water and keep it aside. Wash your face and scrub your face with this paste for 10 minutes. This scrub is one of the most effective at home microdermabrasion and cheapest scrub which you can do at your home. You can use baking soda in 10 best ways in your beauty routine.

4)      Lemon juice
This is another food for your face. Lemon works wonderfully on your face and helps to brighten them. Lemon juice cuts oil from your face and tightens your pores. You can use this mask to make your face nice and shine. You can even directly rub them on your face for 5 minutes.

5)      Honey
Honey is little similar to lemon. You can use honey as a scrub or a facial mask. Honey has antibacterial and moisturizing property which will keep your face fresh.

6)      Bananas
Bananas exfoliate your face and help to brighten your dull complexion. Bananas are good for all skin type and act as a moisturizer. Take banana and mash them nicely and add honey and make fine paste. Apply on your face and after 10 minutes wash your face.

7)      Oat
Oats is another great food for your skin. Take oats and grind them to make fine powder. Add little water and make a fine scrub. It’s really good moisturizing scrub for your skin and helps to make smooth and glowing skin. These scrubs are very effective for sunburn and soothe dry skin.

8)      Yogurt
Yogurt contains lactic acid which helps to leave your skin exfoliated and fresh. Yogurt helps to lighten your face and moisturize it. This is another most important food for your face. Try these best yogurt treatments for glowing skin.

9)      Almonds
You can use almonds as a face scrub which helps to make your face exfoliate, moisturize and cleanse. For almond scrub take handful of almonds in grinder grind them. Once almond powder is formed at water or rose water and makes thick paste. It’s so simple scrub which you can do at your home.

10)   Coconut oil
Coconut oil moisturizes your face and makes it soft and glowing. Take some salt and add coconut oil in it and use this paste as a scrub to your face.

These were top 10 foods for your skin which will make your skin youthful, glowing and fresh.