40 Amazing uses for lemon peel

40 unusual uses for lemon that will make your home look and smell fresh, brighten your laundry, and also improve your hair, skin and nails.

Amazing uses for lemon peel1. Clean windows and mirrors: Put a few tablespoons of lemon juice and water into a spray bottle to make all natural glass, mirror cleaner. Wipe it off with newspaper for totally transparent windows.

2. Greasy utensils: Cut a lemon in half, dip it into some salt and scrub it over the greasy surface or utensils.  You can also add a tsp of lemon juice to your regular dishwashing detergent to clean greasy, oily utensils in a swipe.

3. Refresh Fridge: Place a lemon peel or two inside your fridge to absorb the odor and make your fridge smell nice and fresh.

4. Fruit and Vegetable Cleaner: Slice your lemon and squeeze out one tablespoon of lemon juice into your spray bottle to gently clean the fruits and veggies. The lemon juice is a natural disinfectant and will leave your fruits and vegetables smelling nice.

5. Clean bathroom: Dip lemon in a bowl of baking soda to make a homemade shower cleanser and use it to clean the sinks and bathtubs .

6. Polish stainless steel:  Brighten stainless steel by scrubbing it with lemon and salt. Leave on for 5 minutes. Then rinse in warm water and buff dry.

7. Air freshener: Simmer some lemon peels in a bowl of water on stove along with cinnamon sticks for a natural air freshener, to make your room smell amazing.

8. Cutting board cleanser: Clean and sanitize your cutting board by dipping lemon peels in a bowl of salt. Slice a lemon in half, squeeze onto the soiled surface, rub with the salt, and let sit for 10-15 minutes before rinsing to remove tough food stains.

9. Microwave Cleaner: Add lemon rinds or a juice of one lemon to a microwave-safe bowl filled with water.Microwave on high for 10 minutes and let it sit for 10 minutes, allowing the water to boil and the steam. As the liquid boils, it condenses on the sides of the microwave, loosening any  food splatters. Dip a clean towel in lemon juice to wipe away any stubborn spots.

10. Stain Removal: Remove stains If your fingers are stained with berry juice or turmeric that won’t come off easily by using a lemon peel. Gentle rub lemon peel and then wait a few minutes and wash with warm, soapy water. Repeat until your hands are stain-free.

11. Brown sugar softener: Use the peel to keep your brown sugar soft by putting it in the packaging with the brown sugar.

12. Dishwasher cleaner: Add lemon peels to your dishwasher every now and then to help rinse and deodorize it.

13. Lemon Tea: Dried lemon can be used for with a cup of black tea. Let the lemon peel dry at room temperature for 3-4 days, until they have shriveled and are no longer moist. Store the dried peel in a dark place, in a clean jar.

14. Wardrobe deodorizer: Use dried lemon peels to freshen up drawers or wardrobe. Place dried lemon peel in a sachet and touch them in between your clothes to make them smell fresh.

15. Underarm Stain: Remove grease stains from clothing or unsightly underarm stains from shirts and blouses. Rub lemon juice into the spot and let sit for few hours and then wash as normal.
40 ways to use16. Lemon Cleanser: Place few lemon peels in a small jar and then add white vinegar. Keep it aside for 2 weeks and then use this lemon vinegar cleanser as you would your normal all purpose cleaner.

17. Headache Remedy: You can use a lemon to cure a bad headache naturally. Grind up the peel of a lemon and mix with a little water and make into a paste. Apply to your forehead and lay down with eyes closed for a few minutes.

18. Trash can deodorizer: Deodorize your trash can by simple throwing in few leftover lemon rinds  to get rid of the odor.

19. Garbage Odor: Control bad odors in your garbage disposal by tossing some lemon slices in the disposal bin.

20. Teeth whitener: Mix baking soda and lemon juice to make a solution and put onto your teeth with a Q-tip. Leave on for no more than one minute and gently scrub off with a toothbrush to whiten teeth naturally.

21. Laundry Brightener: To brighten whites, add 1/4 to 1/2 cup of lemon juice to the wash cycle to brighten up those fading whites.

22. Lemon cubes – Jazz up a summer drink by using lemon cubes, Just add small lemon slices to the ice cube tray and then pour in the water. Use this cubes in plain water or any summer drink.

23. Toilet Cleaner: Lemon juice can remove those stubborn stains from the toilet bowl. Make a paste of borax and lemon juice and apply it to the stain with a scrub brush or sponge. Let it sit for up to 2 hours and then scrub away.

24. Hard Water Stains: Clean hard water stains on glass shower doors with half a lemon. Rub lemon on your faucets to remove hard water stains, and soap residue.

25. Clean Dishes: Add half a lemon to the dishwasher load for sparkling spot-free clean and great smelling dishes.

26. Furniture Polish: Make a natural furniture polish, combine 1 part lemon juice with 2 parts olive oil to clean and polish your furniture.

27. Fresh vegetables and fruits:  Keep cut fruit and vegetables like apples and potatoes from turning brown by squeezing on a little bit of lemon juice. You can also perk up droopy lettuce by soaking it for an hour in a bowl of cold water and the juice of one lemon.

28. Lemon deo –  Cut a lemon in half or use a lemon peel and rub it under your arms. The citric acid in lemon juice will kill odor-causing bacteria as well as whiten underarm.

29. Odor: Remove any odor from your hands by simply rubbing the lemon peel, it will also exfoliate dry hands and whiten nails.

30. Skin brightener: Rub a lemon wedge on your skin for few mins for a clean, clear and bright skin.