Beauty Regime from 6 Bollywood Beauties

Bollywood beauties are always an inspiration to all of us, right? Rightly so because our Indian actresses are so beautiful, flawless and almost perfect in every way. If you wanted to know how they maintain their beauty, then hang on as I get you their best beauty secrets which they swear by.

Beauty Regime from 6 Bollywood Beauties

Let’s start with the current reigning queen Deepika Padukone.

Deepika Padukone: Deepika is very much strict with her skincare rituals just like her fitness. She follows a CTM routine daily. She starts her day by having a glass of lukewarm water and consumes ample of water throughout the day. Every week she goes for regular cleanups and visits spa and gets body massage once in a month. Her everyday essentials include lip balm, foundation and moisturizer. She uses mild soaps and body washes.

Aishwarya rai: Aishwarya rai is the epitome of beauty. She takes care of herself by drinking plenty of water and indulges in natural beauty recipes as in when time permits. Some of her best beauty recipes are gram flour, cucumber mix to cleanse the skin well. Then she uses a pack of milk and yogurt to moisture her skin naturally. She drinks a glass of warm water with honey and lemon every morning which cleanses the system and removes the toxins from the body.

Katrina kaif: This beauty from abroad loves her spa visits. She believes that this helps her to relax her body and mind which translates into glowing skin. She also has wheat grass shots once in a while and acai berry tablets to keep her skin healthy. She loves swimming and workouts.

Jaqueline Fernandes: Jacky is very much addicted to healthy eating and keeps sharing her healthy diets with her fans on her social media pages. She makes it a point to eat a lot of green leafy vegetables, salads, muesli daily. Being a Srilankan, she has always been a fish lover and that must be the reason for her flawless skin. She loves her cleanser and sunscreen as it protects her skin and keeps it clean and healthy. She loves using curd and honey pack to pamper her skin. Jaqueline gives her skin ice-cube massage prior to her makeup.

Kareena Kapoor: Size zero or not bebo is one stunning lady even without makeup. She practices yoga everyday religiously and loves doing surya namaskar every day. She is a strict vegetarian and eats in moderation and healthy meals in small portions six times a day. Although the flawless skin that she has is all thanks to her genes, maintaining it is all her hard work. She believes that what she eats is what translates on her skin.

Rekha: Rekha although is a yesteryear actress, she is in every way inspiring to all of us. She has maintained her beauty through the years. The actress follows CTM routine daily and visits spa regularly. She gives special pampering to her hair by using a coconut oil, curd, egg and honey hair pack. She drinks water and works out regularly too.