BENEFITS OF ORGANIC TEA The world is slowly moving towards the organic kingdom. There are various varieties of food items which are organic in nature and healthy to your health too. Not only the food items are organic, but the various makeup and cosmetics products are organic too. Both simple and in delicious way, tea is something which tends to change our mood and also make the day. Organic tea has made its gentle way in proving various health benefits on health of a person due to its properties. You will be amazed to know 70% of people from organic countries depend on organic tea for their health. Here we speak about various benefits of organic tea over health.

  1. Boost immunity

Due to polyphenols and flavonoids found in organic tea it helps to boost the immunity in the body. Most of the people tend to drink tea even at night, which can further help in breaking down amino acids and boosting up immunity.

  1. Fights with tooth decay

An anti-oxidant called catechin is found in organic green tea, which helps to kill the germs and bacteria on the tooth and further benefiting in better oral hygiene and preventing tooth decays too.

  1. Controls blood pressure

Due to the anti-oxidants present in the organic tea, it tends to lower the high blood pressure and also maintain the balance. It is best to consume organic tea every morning on empty stomach.

  1. Treats sore throats

When you contract the situation of sore throats, you always remember only one thing – hot tea. Organic tea too helps to calm down the irritation and inflammation over your throat and makes it easy for the food to pass in.

  1. Eases digestion

Due to essential anti-oxidants and vital nutrients it helps in easy digestion. Drinking hot organic tea every morning helps to soothe down the process by helping the food move easily and speeds up elimination too.

  1. Prevents cancer

Documentary of people drinking organic tea has shown there are fewer chances of them to contract cancer. Organic green tea helps to kill the free radicals in the body which further may lead to cancer or heart diseases.

  1. Helps to fight ovarian cancer

Organic tea contains epigallocatechin gallate or EDCDs which helps to fight ovarian cancer. Studies have shown people drinking organic green tea is 50% less likely to contract ovarian cancer.

  1. Control asthma

Some people are a victim of serious asthma which leads to various bronchitis problems too. Drinking organic tea can help you in lowering down the problem of asthma as it contains theophylline which acts as a relaxer for the muscles that support the bronchial tubes.

  1. Live longer

The secreat behind drinking organic tea is it benefits you with a healthy life which tends to live longer as compared to regular tea drinkers. It contains Polyphenols, which fights against the free radicals and reduce the risk of ageing.

Now you can drink green tea at leisure and also enjoy its benefits over health. Many people are tea addicted, so if you never tried organic tea you surely need to taste it once. It tastes good and better!