Papaya is also known as the angel of fruits because of this sweet taste and butter like consistency. Mostly the black jelly type seeds found inside this fruit is thrown away. Surprisingly many researches have proved various benefits of papaya seeds for skin. Did you ever think of using papaya seeds over skin to improve the texture and quality? If you never thought, think it this time.

BEAUTY BENEFITS OF PAPAYA SEEDSPapaya seeds are of immense use over skin and here we brought you different benefits of these seeds on face.

  1. Removes Dead skin

Papaya seeds help to remove the dead skin on the face and also remove dirt from inside. Being rich in Vitamin A it helps to pull out the dead skin, generate the new cells and replace the damaged cell. Blend some papaya seeds in the grinder and add some drops of lemon to the paste. The consistency should be thick which stays well on the skin. Apply the paste for 10-15 minutes and wash off with cold water.

  1. Keeps skin hydrated

The good news is that papaya seeds can also be used on sensitive and irritating skin. Papaya seeds are rich in vitamins and minerals which help to maintain the water content on the face. It maintains the hydration on the skin which makes them soft and supple too. Just rubbing the skin with handful of papaya seeds on face helps to rejunevate them.

  1. Reduces wrinkles

Ever thought of reducing wrinkles by papaya seeds? Yes, using papaya seeds are excellent remedy to treat wrinkles on the face. It is an anti ageing ingredient which helps to reduce the fine lines and wrinkles appearing on the skin. Due to its quality, papaya seeds are best to be used by women at their 30’s.

  1. Treats pimples and acne

Mixing some papaya seeds with grounded paste helps to treat pimples and acne of the skin. Papaya seeds help to clean the dirt but puling out the extra alien things causing acne. Applying this paste on pimple will make them dry and also treats them effectively in a couple of days.

  1. Cracked heels

Mashes papaya seeds applied raw on the cracked heels can help to repair them well. You can also use some lemon or citrus fruit peel to make you feet smells fresh.

  1. Brightening skin

Rubbing skin with some papaya seeds on skin and leg can help to give a whitening effect on them. Papaya being rich in vitamin C helps to remove the dirt deeply and also provide whitening affect on the skin.

  1. Treating Ringworms

This is one of the most affected remedy to treat ringworms. Papaya seeds are easily available which helps to cure ringworms on skin and also various other injection on skin.

  1. Skin tightening

One of the most proven and affecting remedy is skin tightening. Applying mashes papaya seeds with some gram flour and honey help to restore the elasticity back on the skin and also tightening.