Beauty Benefits And Uses Of Oranges

Luscious, juicy, vibrant and succulent are some of the words that can efficiently describe the fruit called ‘orange’. Delicious and attractive that they are, oranges are extremely popular among every fruit lover. If you have been relishing this round citrus fruit just because it caters to your craving for something that is sweet, sour, tart and juicy at the same time, it is time you knew that oranges can take care of your beauty problems too! Including an orange in your regular life can go a long way in imparting smooth skin and silky hair.

Beauty Benefits And Uses Of Oranges

Benefits and uses of oranges for skin
Orange is a wonderful source of Vitamin C. Its natural bleaching properties tend to lighten your complexion safely. Its skin-firming properties improve the texture of your skin and prevent it from sagging. Using orange juice, orange peel and orange oil in your skin care programme would enable you to give your skin the nourishment it requires to remain healthy and beautiful. Try using oranges for your skin in the following hassle-free ways:

  1. Orange peel scrub: Mix 10 tablespoons of orange peel powder with enough milk to form a smooth paste. Add a tablespoon of milk cream and use it on your face, neck, hands and legs liberally. This face and body scrub is mild on your skin and brings about significant reduction in blemishes and dark spots.
  2. Orange peel exfoliating mask: Mix yoghurt and orange peel powder in equal proportions to make a thick paste. Apply the mask on your face and remove it with circular motions after about fifteen minutes. It helps to remove blackheads.
  3. Soothing orange ice toner: Put the juice of two oranges in an ice tray and put it in the refrigerator. Rub orange juice ice-cube toner on your face to make your skin look youthful and fresh. It shrinks open pores and makes skin look taut.
  4. Orange juice and flour mask: Mix the juice of freshly squeezed oranges with 5 spoons of flour to prepare a rich and creamy paste. Apply it on your face liberally and wash off with water after twenty minutes. Your skin starts glowing in no time!

Benefits and uses of oranges for hair
Orange, which is a storehouse of Vitamin C, works wonders for your hair. It is effective in treating dandruff, hair loss and lifeless hair. If you wish to flaunt beautiful and strong hair, try out the following hair care recipes with oranges:

  1. Orange hair rinse: Boil orange peel in water and filter out the liquid next day. Use it as a hair rinse to do away with dandruff and get soft hair.
  2. Orange hair conditioner: Mix the juice of an orange with two tablespoons of honey and water. After shampooing, use this natural conditioner on your hair and wait for ten minutes. Rinse to get shiny and healthy hair.
  3. Orange hair potion: Mix the juice of an orange and a lemon with a tablespoon of olive oil and honey. Massage this potion on your hair and scalp for 1 minute and leave it on for one hour. Rinse your hair. This citric concoction gives your hair its dose of vitamins so that it shines with health and life!

Try including oranges in your daily meal plan as well as your beauty regimen to remain healthy and beautiful. After all, an orange a day will keep ailments as well as beauty problems away!