There is nothing worse than buying an expensive pair of shoes but not able to wear them because they’re uncomfortable. Also wearing high heels for entire day can be very annoying but that doesn’t mean you should stop wearing them. Here are few tricks that’ll make any kind of shoes comfortable.


Tight Shoes: If your shoes are very tight then wear pair of socks and walk in your house for 10-15 minutes. Now, take a blow dryer and blow dry your shoes with the socks on. This trick will stretch out your shoes a bit making them comfortable.

Deodorant: Whenever you wear a new pair of heels or shoes, they can feel uncomfortable due to friction. To reduce the friction, rub clear deodorant on your toes and heels. This trick will not only make your heels feel comfortable but will also prevent blisters.

Tape third and Fourth Toe Together: Okay it may sound weird but experts say “taping third and fourth toe together using a scotch tape can make heels comfortable”. It is believed that the pain is caused because of the nerve split between these two toes and taping them both together will keep your foot muscles aligned. Try it once and you will be happy with the results.

Baby Powder: If your shoes are still tight then try dusting your feet with baby powder or you can apply small amount of baby oil on your feet. Now wear your shoes or heels for a more comfortable feel instantly.

Sandpaper: Walking in new pair of heels can be really tricky because they’ll feel slippery due to less traction. For better traction and to make your shoes more comfortable, rough up the soles of the shoes using sandpaper.

Bandage: Wearing new pair of shoes that have tight back-strap can cause blisters. To prevent such situation, before wearing your shoes just apply bandage across your heel or under your thumb. You can also apply bandage to other areas that are blister-prone or where you feel the heel is uncomfortable.

Dry Feet: I’m sure you all must have notice how hard it is to put clothes when your body is damp the same goes for your feet too. Before wearing your shoes or heels make sure your feet are completely dry so they fit-in better.

Hair-Spray: If your feet keep sliding out of heels or flip flops then you can get a better grip using “hairspray”. Yes, just spray a decent amount on your heels or flip-flops and then wear them. It will give you a better and more comfortable grip.

So ladies “Keep your heels, head and standard high”.