8 Shaving cream alternatives for smoother shave

Alternative to shaving cream! This may sound weird and not applicable when you hear it for first time and you would probably think whether is it really possible to get amazing results of shaving without using the shaving cream on your legs. Yes, there are many shaving cream alternatives which really work well when you are running out of your shaving cream. I would say, actually these alternative products works better than your shaving cream and also does not leave your skin dry. The most common problem with shaving creams are they over dries your skin and there are sometimes chances of burns on skin too. We have tried to come up with shaving cream alternative that really works and it won’t leave you disappointed.

Shampoo: This is the common use of shampoo and the cheapest way of shaving. If you are running out of shaving gel you may use the shampoo to get a silky smooth skin.

Baby oil: Baby oil helps to use nicking of legs while shaving. This is the best alternative which helps to remove the hair easily and also the razor glides well here.

Honey: Yes, raw honey can be used while you shave. This helps to keep your skin healthy and also removes the hair well maintaining its hydrating value. Honey is thick so you may need it to add with some water. Best remedies using honey >>

Coconut oil: If you are prone to razor burn, you can surely ditch your shaving cream and switch on to coconut oil. It has anti-bacterial and fungal properties which keeps your skin away from razor burns.

Body lotion: Body lotion is a great moisturise for the skin and so it can be used as an alternative to shaving cream. The benefit of using body lotion is that it helps to moisturise your skin and also does not over dries your skin.

Aloe Vera gel: If you feel your skin is always drenching I could understand what would be your skin after you shave them. Use aloe Vera gel which glides the razor easily and doesn’t over dry your skin too. Make aloe vera gel at home >>

Shea butter: Shea butter is extremely soft and smooth in its texture because of which it is picking up the maximum beauty corners in fashion world. You can use Shea butter as a shaving cream which helps to remove the hair easily and also makes your skin soft and smooth.

Conditioner: Conditioner not only helps to make your hair soft, silky and smooth but it treats your legs in the same way. Conditioner removes the hair easily and helps in easy waxing. This is the most cheap and easy way to make your shaving easy and smooth. Don’t end up wasting expensive conditioners for your hair removal process.

Hope, we have provided you with good alternatives that would work better. Have a happy shaving!