Earlier tissue paper was not familiar with everyone, but now it has its own importance with the growing uses and benefits to use the papers more innovatively. Tissue papers are specially designed which help us to clean the dirt or remove the unwanted particles from your body parts. They are very soft in texture and are skin friendly too. Tissue papers have found its permanent place in hotels industry where you clean your hands with the tissue paper before and after completing your meals. Besides cleaning the hand, there are some alternative uses of tissue paper in this beauty world too. Let’s check them out here


  1. Remove excess gloss

Sometimes it happens your lips look glossier and has an unwanted shine on it. If you use a cloth it is surely going to mess you face, so to avoid this you can use a tissue paper and keep it on your lips. The excess of lipsticks gloss transfer to the tissue paper with ease.

  1. Remove excess concealer

Tissue papers also help to remove the excess concealer applied on your face. Take a tissue paper and run it lightly over your skin, it will remove the excess powder on your face and will also give an even tone look. You can also dab a tissue paper on the concentrated area where you feel there is more of powder applied.

  1. Glitter your face.

Most of the cosmetics have some shiny and glitter particles present in it, which gives you a flawless look undoubtedly. But this time, if you happen to use a matte finish makeup which doesn’t have any glitter, you can add some shine to your face with the help of tissue paper. Place some loose glitter on tissue paper and run them over your face, and this will help the glitter to spread evenly on your face.

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  1. Fix your nail paint back.

There are two ways that can help you to fix your nail paint back, the first one is cotton swab and second is tissue papers. An edge of tissue paper also helps to remove the nail paint which falls out of your nail

  1. Get a perfect liner

If you have always wanted a cat eye or winged eye look, you can do it in few minutes with the help of a tissue paper. Take a tissue paper and fold it 2- 3 times to get a Sharpe and perfect edge; you can use the edge of the tissue paper to give a winged look to your eye.

  1. Helps to maintain lipstick last longer

After you have applied the first coat of lipstick, you should always hold a tissue paper between your lips and then re-apply your lipstick. This will remove the excess lipstick and will stop your lips from bleeding.

  1. Helps to conceal hard reaching areas.

Nose is the most complicated part, and it is hard for a makeup brush to conceal them properly. You can take some concealer or loose powder on your tissue paper and with the help of an edge apply them on the left out areas.

  1. All time wiper

If you have missed out your face wash at home, don’t worry you can use a tissue paper to clean your face. It helps to remove the dirt and impurities from your face. You should always carry some tissue paper in purse and store them safely that they remain clean and hygienic for your face and skin too.


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