Everyday Habits That Cause Hair Loss

Hair loss, that once had been a simple issue, is now among list of the most reported lifestyle disorders. There are multiple unavoidable environmental and biological factors that contribute to hair loss. Along with these factors, a person’s habits could also worsen the condition. Building an awareness about these habits is the first step towards easing the issue. Read on to know about your habits that could trigger hair loss.

Everyday Habits That Cause Hair Loss

  1. Various hairstyles

A person’s hairstyle can be a form of personal expression, but that can come at a cost. Certain hairstyles can be stressful on the hair – particularly the ones that tend to pull on the hair tightly. Hairstyles such as ponytails and cornrows exert unnatural stresses on the hair and roots, worsening the hair loss. Try to avoid such hair-dos especially if you have curly hair to put an end to this troublesome condition.

  1. Extensive use of hair products

Looking good does seem to come at a cost. Excessive use of hair products such as mousse, gels, pomades, and sprays could also worsen the hair loss. If these products are not washed away properly, can settle on the scalp and cause a lot of hair fall. Ensure that you are washing your scalp and hair thoroughly to prevent hair loss.

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  1. Excessive exposure to chemicals and heat

Extensive use of hair dyes, especially the ammonia based ones, are one of the most ignored factors for loss of hair. On top of that, hair treatment options such as blow drying leads to increased hair loss. Repeated application of chemicals and heat makes hair weak and brittle, causing it to break and fall off.

  1. If you are having an iron deficient diet

An iron deficient diet does not trigger just anemia; hair loss is one of the prominent negative impacts of such a diet. So load up your meals with leafy green vegetables and meats such as beef, pork and fish.

  1. Having an unclean scalp:

People with conditions that promote buildup in their scalp such as dermatitis need to clean their scalp every day. An unhealthy scalp is the ground for various inflammatory and infectious conditions, paving way to this lifestyle disorder. Use a mild cleansing agent to wash off your scalp without upsetting your scalp pH.

  1. Exposure to pollution

You cannot do anything with this particular trigger other than ensuring that you are washing and cleansing your hair and scalp on a regular level. Keep your hair covered with a light hued cotton scarf to safeguard it from pollution and sun damages.

  1. Poor stress management

Stress is the root cause of various health conditions and lifestyle disorders, and hair loss is one of the most common one. Try to indulge in a good fitness regimen and enjoy a healthy diet pattern to ward off stress and ease hair loss.

Have you ever noticed these factors before? If not, start paying attention and prevent hair loss.