5 Shower Tricks for Healthy hair

Shampooing hair is not easy and there are few rules which one should always follow. Do you always have bad hair day when you shampoo? If yes, then it’s only because you don’t follow the shower-rules. By following certain few easy peasy rules you can simply shampoo your hair and go out. Following all these instructions will turn your shower into spa immediately. Here are top-5 shower tricks straight from experts to make your hair healthy looking.

5 Shower Tricks for Healthy hairShampoo Scalp:

Shampooing the correct way is very important. Take a quarter-sized shampoo in your palm and apply it on your scalp. Lather the product only at the scalp and then come towards the roots. Concentrate on scalp rather than roots. Using a good shampoo is extremely important but where you apply the shampoo is equally important so concentrate more on scalp. Also massage your scalp so that blood circulation increases. Use a scalp scrub to deep clean hair >>

Towel-Dry before conditioning:

After rinsing the shampoo from your scalp do not apply the conditioner immediately. Take a towel and wrap it around your head to soak up excess water. The conditioner absorbs into the cuticle easily it there isn’t much water so it is advised by stylist to apply conditioner on towel dried hair especially if your hairs are frizzy. The conditioner will penetrate easily and will deliver maximum benefits. Try reverse hair washing technique >>

Skip Excess Shampooing:

Excessive shampooing can damage your hair and can make them dry brittle due to chemicals it contains. That is why it is advised to shampoo only twice or maximum thrice a week is sufficient. If your hairs are curly then your hair are more prone to get dry due to shampoo so avoid it as much as you can.

Cold Shower:

Want to increase shine of your hair? Want to prevent split ends? Then start rinsing your hair with cold water. Yes, stylish recommend using cold water to rinse hair to make hair shiny and to seal moisture in hair. You must have heard that use cold water to close open pores of your skin, the same principle applies here. Cold water closes the cuticles and locks the moisture which eventually makes your hair look shiny. Hot water can increase frizz and can make your hair drier.

Cotton T-shirt:

the secret to frizz free hair is drying your hair with a cotton tee instead of using a towel. Don’t laugh there’s a scientific reason behind it. Towel absorbs moisture from hair along with water but a cotton tee only absorbs excess water without stripping moisture. Just wrap cotton tee around your head in turban style for 20 minutes and then apply hair serum. Let hair dry naturally and it say hello to frizz-free hair.

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