3 DIY natural Scalp scrubs for faster hair growth

A great spa treat you can whip up in your kitchen for your hair is by making a scalp scrub. Exfoliating the scalp sloughs off layers of dead skin, remove oils, impurities, dead skin, and improves circulation that will give your roots lift.


Deep Cleaning Sugar Scalp Scrub:

Use sugar or sea salt to get rid of excess oil and flaky skin. Massaging your scalp with a brown sugar scalp scrub can help increase circulation to the hair follicles. Get the recipe here.

Quick Tips: Add in a few drops of your preferred essential oil to your homemade scalp scrub —peppermint stimulates blood flow, lavender and vitamin E for hair growth, and tea tree acts as an antiseptic to fight dandruff.

Clarifying Baking soda Scalp ScrubClarifying Baking soda Scalp Scrub:

Baking soda is an incredibly easy way to clean your hair. So here is a quick DIY scalp scrub that removes buildup and clears clogged hair follicles. Get the recipe. 

Exfoliating Oatmeal Scalp Scrub

Exfoliating Oatmeal Scalp Scrub:

Oatmeal Hair Mask on scalp treats several scalp problems including Dandruff, Scalp Inflammation and Scalp Irritation. Get the recipe here. 

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