REVERSE HAIR WASHING – for smooth and shiny hair ??

I recently learnt about the reverse hair washing technique and was kind of sceptical about it. Everyone’s talking about reverse hair washing, and it is a trend that has come through in recent times which apparently brings more volume and bounce to the hair. If you haven’t heard about reverse hair wash yet, it means applying conditioner prior to shampoo! Too strange and weird right? Well, this will make sense after you have finished reading this little piece of information 😀


The new trend for “Reverse Shampooing” promises to give your hair way more volume – recreating the effects of freshly blow-dried hair. Like I mentioned, you use the conditioner first and then shampoo it out; giving your hair the conditioning properties of conditioner and cleansing effects of shampoo! To reverse wash your hair, you simply wet your hair, work in conditioner and leave for five minutes, then rinse it, apply shampoo then rinse. The theory goes that by shampooing last, you’re left with shiny, full-bodied hair because you’re really washing out all the conditioner, so it doesn’t cause hair to go limp and lacklustre.


  • Pick your favourite shampoo according to your hair type and grab a bottle of conditioner that you use normally.
  • Your hair needs to be completely wet with warm water and saturated to begin with.
  • Apply generously a good amount of hair conditioner. Rub the roots well and massage the scalp too.
  • Wait for 10 minutes for the hair to absorb conditioning properties. You could give your hair an extra massage if you want!
  • DO NOT rinse out the conditioner with water, instead shampoo it out.
  • After your conditioner has been in my hair for several minutes, quickly tilt your head in and out of the stream of shower and get it a tiny bit more wet. Then, apply shampoo. Use about 25% less shampoo than you would use if you weren’t doing a Reverse Wash, because u don’t want to strip your hair of allthe conditioner. After you apply the shampoo, lather and rinse as usual and…that’s it!
  • Pat dry your hair with a dry towel and use a blow dryer if in a hurry
  • Results would be seen on the spot!


When you apply conditioner to the hair and massage it for sometime, you are actually giving your hair the conditioning properties. As you wet your hair with warm water before doing this, you are opening the hair shafts to accept conditioner benefits. When you shampoo your hair (which is obviously not warm!) the hair shaft closes and the residue conditioner is washed off. When you dry your hair, you feel the moisturized hair which is not weighed down and made limp by conditioner residue!


I obviously can’t answer this question, but I can pose another question: how will you know unless you try? It sounds strange and counter-intuitive, yes. Reverse washing can be added to your beauty routine and it need not take place of anything. Maybe you could try this 2 times a week or more according to your needs? If you have really oily hair, this is the miracle thing you could do to your hair and make them lively and bouncy! Happy reverse washing!!  🙂

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