15 Ways to Utilise Leftover Citrus Fruit Peels

We always have the tendency to discard off peels of fruits and vegetables in the dustbin. Little do we know of the multiple ways in which they can be utilised. Take a look how you can do that and stand to gain wonderful results.

15 WAYS TO UTILISE LEFTOVER CITRUS FRUIT PEELSBath Recipe: Use lemon peel for your bath. It would leave your body and hair smelling fresh and clean.

Spa Water: Make a detox water recipe. Drop citrus peels into a pitcher of water and put it in the refrigerator. You will notice a soothing fragrance and mild flavor to water.

Closet deodorizer: Tired of smelly pair of socks or underwear garments? Use dried citrus peels to freshen them up. Place the peels inside a sachet and then feel the beautiful scent. You can also put dried citron peels into wardrobes and closets to ward off the moths.

Mouth freshner: Want your mouth to feel fresh all the time? Pop in some orange or lemon peels into your mouth and chew them. This will make your breath smell great. Citrus peels are a good substitute for the mints and gum that we keep having.

Soften Brown Sugar: Add a citrus peel slice to brown sugar. This will help it from going hard.

Air Freshener: Home freshness is a perennial problem most of us face. Resort to nature-friendly options such as placing citrus peel in a pan with a little water. Once it simmers, you will feel the air of freshness in your house.

Roast Chicken: Citrus peel works well when it comes to roasting chicken. Put the peel into the chicken and then roast to find a lovely smelling and delicious chicken.

Potpourri: Use citrus peel as a fixative for potpourri. Dry the peel until it becomes crisp, then grind it coarsely and add it to potpourri as needed.

Face Cleanser: Rub orange or lemon peels on your face (avoiding your eyes) and then gently rinse with warm water to deep clean skin.

Marmalade: Use the peel of a kumquat to make marmalade. Cook the chopped peel with sugar-water until it becomes a syrup and delicious marmalade for your breakfast needs.

Citrus oil: Pound citrus peel with some oil added. Place in a jar with more oil and let rest for six hours. Strain into a clean jar.

Citrus Tea: Infuse dried lemon or orange peels in your tea to bring about a delicious lemony taste.

Garnish: Use orange peel as a wonderful garnish for salads, fruit juice drinks and cocktails.

Citrus candy: Use any type of citrus peel and make a candy of it. It is quite sweet and serves as a great snack for the kids.

Garbage deodorizer: Fight out smelly garbage in your kitchen by putting cut citrus peels of any fruit into the dustbin or disposable polythene bag.

Garden: Citrus peel of any kind can be a great addition to the compost pile. Chop them a little to help them degrade faster. It will make the compost pile smell fresh and clean too.

Tar Remover: Removing tar from shoes is now made easy. Rub orange peels on the tarred surface of the shoe and notice the ease with which the tar comes out.

Noticed how citrus fruit peels is the best way to freshen up home and living? Adopt them today.