Unusual Uses for Eggshells for beauty, home and garden

Are you an eggetarian and love eggs. Eggs are full of proteins and hence it has always been a choice for breakfast.  Do not think twice when I say that apart from yolks, the egg shells can also benefit you in various ways. Eggshells are rich in calcium carbonate which is used many of the acids. The contribution of eggshell is almost 12% in the entire egg. The shell contains pores that allows oxygen to enter and throws out the carbon dioxide.You will be surprised to know the uses of egg shells. Here it goes:


Lightens bitterness of coffee: Love the aroma of coffee, but dislike the bitterness?  Add an eggshell to your early morning coffee to reduce the bitterness of the coffee. Crush some eggshell into a fine powder and  add half a teaspoon of it in the coffee. Stir it and drink it.

Serves as pesticide: Eggshells are nontoxic and chemical free in nature. It is always better to opt for a natural pesticide in your garden to get the better yields. Crush some eggshell and scatter around your plants and flowers. This will help the earthworm, snails and other insects to stay away from your plants. The Pungent smell of the eggshell will keep the begonias away.

A fertilizer to soil: Natural fertilizers are the best gift to your soil. Eggshells can easily decompose in the soil. The calcium and minerals present in the eggshells serves a natural fertilizer to the soil. Throw the remainings of the egg in your garden next time, rather than making it as apart of your dustbin.

Helps in skin glow: All of us know the usage of eggs for hair. The eggshells can be used as a facial. Take some eggshells and crush it to powdery form. Form a thick paste and apply on your face. Allow it to settle for 20 minutes. Wash it with lukewarm water. This application helps in skin tightening and skin lightening. You will see an instant glow on your face. Follow this procedure twice a week for better results.

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Cures skin irritations: Take some eggshell and crush it . Add the crushed powder in apple cider vinegar. Allow it stay there for few hours. Apply the mixture over cuts, wounds or any kind of skin irritations. It will cure it in few minutes.

Garbage Disposal: Eggshells will help get rid of grease and food buildup in your garbage disposal. Run some through to clean it up.

Natural Calcium Supplement: Calcium is required for strong bones and joints. If you are calcium deficient, think twice before taking additional supplement. Try out eggshells which are natural and harmless. Bake your eggshells at a temperature of 360 degrees for 8 minutes. Cool it down and form it into a powder. Store it and use it everyday as a supplement. You can add it to your juice or smoothie.

Clothes whitener: Having white clothes which are no longer white? Take some eggshells and toss it in your laundry bag. It is said to remove the grey tints from your whites.

Clean pots and pan: you can grind your eggshells into a powder and use it as an abrasive.

Candle Maker: This requires little attention from your end. Be careful when you crush the egg. Just make it in half in the right proportion. Take some candle wax and melt it. Pour the melted wax in the eggshell. Insert a wick and set it for few minutes. Remove the eggshell slowly. Your candle is ready.

Hope this article had provided you some insight on the uses of eggshell. Nature has its own way of giving us things, but we fail to realize it. Think twice before throwing away those eggshells as they can be of some help to you.