We use hair dryer for either drying our hair or for styling it. There are some girls who do not frequently use hair dryers due to which they are only lying here and their dancing from one place to the other. Have you ever thought of using hair dryer for any other purpose? Well, I don’t even remember when was the last time I used a hair dryer for my hair *sigh*.

10 UNUSUAL USES FOR YOUR HAIR DRYERYour hair dryer can come handy for a number of unexpected uses. Read on to know what those are:

1. Hair dryer can be used as a spot-iron for your clothes. All you need to do is dampen the wrinkled area or spray little water on it, pull it down straight and blow fry over the targeted area. DIY wrinkle free spray for your clothes >>

2. Have you ever tried to remove a tag sticker but failed with sticky residue? Use your hair dryer the next time you attempt it. Blow over price tag sticker to melt and loosen the adhesive solution for easy removal. It also works for contact sheets on shelves.

3. Do you love baking or making cakes? You will love this tip. You can give your cake a professional sheen using your hair dryer. Lightly blow warm air on the top and sides until frosting slightly melts. When it cools, the frosting will set with a shiny look.

4. Hair dryers can be used to remove crayon marks from the walls. Just set your hair dryer to hot and blow on the crayon mark until it begins to melt a little bit. Once that happens, wipe at mark with a damp cloth and a little soap cleanser. You can also do this for candle wax drips on floor or wooden furniture.

5. Are your plastic glasses not fitting you properly? Are the too tight? Hair dryer can come to your rescue! Heat the ends of your glasses with blow dryer to make the plastic a little pliable and then wear glasses so that frames adjust to your hair width. Note: Use this technique only for cheap glasses.

6. Planning a barbecue at your place? You might need a hair dryer. Light your charcoals for your barbecue and immediately add a blast of hot air with your hair dryer to intensify the flames.

7. Hair dryer can be used as a defrosting tool in winters. Use a hair dryer on high heat to defrost frozen pipes in the winter time. They can also be used to dry out wet winter boots. You may also defrost frozen foods quickly using your hair dryer.

8. You can set the dryer setting to cool and use it to dry your wet nail polish quickly. Best ways to dry your nail polish faster >>

9. Hair dryers can be used to warm lash curler tool to make curling easy.

10. How to stretch tight shoes ?? Put on few pair of socks, stuff your feet in the shoes, and aim a hairdryer at the tight areas. For maximum benefit, flex and stretch your feet as you blast them with hot air.

You can use your hair dryer for such unusual tasks! Do you use hair dryer in other way?


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