Make a Leave in Hair Conditioner – CURLY HAIR EDITION

Anybody with curly hair can relate with waking up to new type of curls everyday.. you never wake up with the same hair.. it’s always different and the products either leave it too crunchy or too weighed down and when you do find your holy grail they are either too expensive or run out too fast.. aright maybe that just happens with me.. but we all know for curly hair less is not more.. we need to make sure every strand of hair is coated so its well hydrated which in turn leaves us with minimum frizz and happy curls.

Make a Leave in Hair Conditioner  - CURLY HAIR EDITION

This is my favorite leave in for my hair since i went natural.. . after a lot of heat damage i had lost my curl pattern and this has helped me in restoring my curls and reducing the frizz to a great length by keeping it hydrated.

For this easy fix all you need is a conditioner and an empty spray bottle.

I use my giovanni 50/50 conditioner but you can use any conditioner you like but make sure to avoid protein conditioners as they tend to lead to breakage when put on hair for a long time by overpowering your hair.

. .. fill quarter of the bottle with the conditioner and the rest with water give it a good shake and mix well.. and your good to go…

The best way to use it is right after shower.. after scrunching your hair of excess water. . spray it into your hair. . while spraying make sure to focus more on the bottom half of your hair as they tend to be more dry and brittle while compared to the top hair where it is still the virgin hair which means its at the fullest health and let it air dry or if you are in a hurry you can blow-dry with a diffuser.. then spray it a little more if required which is mostly on second day or third day hair.. we all know curls are the happiest when its well hydrated.