10 amazing Health benefits of Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is known as an especially helpful health tonic. Many people use ACV as a folk remedy to treat many diseases. ACV is highly acidic in nature as the main ingredient is acetic acid. So, always dilute ACV with some water so that you can swallow it easily. Let’s talk about top-10 health benefits of Apple cider vinegar.

10 amazing Health benefits of Apple cider vinegarReduce Swelling:

If your hands, feet’s are swelled then rubbing apple cider vinegar onto the area will reduce swelling immediately. It is recommended to use apple cider vinegar during pregnancy as swelling is common during the time. It heals the swelled area and relieves you.

Prevents Indigestion:

Drinking Apple cider vinegar daily improves your digestion. Just take one tbsp of ACV, one tbsp off honey and mix it with one glass of water. Mix everything well and drink it before dinner. After drinking it, eat only after 30 minutes. It prevents indigestion, reduces hunger and also helps in weight loss.

Aids Diabetes:

In a research it is proved that one table spoon of Vinegar helps the blood sugar go down as it is full of acetic acid. It regulates blood sugar level, lowers glucose level and thus it keeps diabetes in-control.

Drains Sinus:

Apple cider vinegar clears stuffy nose and helps sinus drainage. Just take one tbsp of it and mix it with water. Drink the mixture and get rid of the stuffy nose. The harshness of drinking vinegar without any flavor helps in sinus drainage.

Get Rid of Bad Breath:

Bad breath is the worst thing but you can now get rid of it. Make a natural mouth wash using apple cider vinegar. Gargle this mixture in your mouth for 10 seconds and keep repeating. Do this every morning and say goodbye to bad breath.

Whitens Teeth:

Gargle with apple-cider-vinegar every morning to remove yellow stains from teeth. ACV also kills germs from teeth and gums so it prevents mouth problem s too. First gargle and then brush as usual. It will remove stains and will give you whiter teeth after each use.

Cure Hiccup:

Hiccups are caused due to low stomach acid and sometimes also caused when you eat extra. To cure hiccups drink one tbsp of apple cider vinegar. The sour taste stops hiccups and restores acid balance immediately.

Apple cider vinegar boost weight lossBoost Weight Loss: Apple cider vinegar boost weight loss as it spreads the metabolism. Just start by taking one tsp of organic ACV and mix it in a glass of water. Drink this before meals and you drink it as many times as you want. Apple cider vinegar contains acidic acid which increase weight loss and you will see results instantly. Read more about it here >>

Boost Stamina and Energy:

Apple cider vinegar is very good for beating exhaustion as it has powerful alkalizing effect. ACV is full of electrolytes so it reduces exhausted feeling immediately after drinking and boosts your stamina. Add one tbsp of ACV in chilled water and drink it for instant energy.

Leg Syndrome:

Nighttime leg cramps and restless leg syndrome can be prevented by sipping ACV before going to bed. Do this every night for continuous results.