If you are in love with makeup, it is obvious that you have heard of makeup primers too and perhaps laid your hands on one or two of them. However, you may not be aware that makeup primers form an integral part of your makeup kit! In fact, many women feel that application of makeup primers is one extra step that can be conveniently done away with. It is however not so. Makeup primers are important and for several good reasons. Read to know why you should not do away with that extra effort and why you need to invest in makeup primers.


What is makeup primer? Makeup primer is a face makeup that acts as a foundation base and allows your makeup to stay smooth for longer hours. In fact, oily skinned women should opt for makeup primers all the more to arrest their face makeup from melting away. There are cream, powder and gel formulas available and you can choose the right formula based on your skin type. You can conveniently spread the product on your face by using your finger tips. Every skin type benefits from application of makeup primers.

Why is makeup primer important? There are several reasons for you to use makeup primers; here are the top ones:

  • Shut those pores: Makeup primers help seal pores. Even if you are blessed with skin sans large pores, application of foundation may make them appear bigger. Primers save you from this unwanted situation.
  • Makeup stays for long: Primers ensure that sweating through facial pores is controlled. Thus, makeup stays on for longer hours.
  • Smooth skin and easy application: Application of primers imparts a smooth and soft touch to your skin. Primers are lightweight and application of the same doesn’t make your skin feel heavy. Primers can be applied with no trouble and they dry up effortlessly without making your skin feel heavy and oily.
  • Even makeup: Application of makeup becomes a cakewalk if you know the right tips of using primers. It offers a smooth finish to your overall makeup.
  • Youthful look: Primers do not have any anti aging benefit. However, if you apply makeup primer, fine lines are not visible and wrinkles appear to be creased out. Hence, skin looks young.
  • Acts as a concealer: Primers effectively help conceal redness and blemishes.
  • Easy choice: Choosing the right makeup primer is easy because you have one for every skin type and complexion.

Skin is naturally imperfect and primers help to resolve that problem. Apply makeup primer just after you cleanse and moisturize the skin and just before you proceed to apply foundation. It prepares your skin for the heavy makeup to follow by filling every crack and every crevice, thus imparting a smooth and even finish. Save your makeup from melting away and smudging into a messy affair by applying makeup primers!