Zero calorie cokes, sugar free breakfast cereals, low fat ice creams – these are the vogue these days. With the demand for healthy foods going at an all time high, these products are being incorporated into the daily lives of people. The primary goals behind choosing these so called “healthy foods” are two

  1. To shed the excess pound
  2. Transform themselves so that they can easily fit into the healthy group.

Here are some really interesting “healthy foods” that you should always exclude from your diet regimen.


  1. Low-fat/Fat-Free Foods

“Eliminate fat to become fit’. This has been the mantra for effective weight loss ever since time unknown. And, people have always adopted this mantra without being aware of the ill effects of avoiding fats. While saturates fats are not good, the other groups play important roles in helping body to function the way it is intended to. This enmity towards fat is what promoted the uprising of low fat as well as fat free food groups. But beware of these fad diets as they are packed with loads of sugar to make up for the taste that is lost while excluding fats. All of these are processed foods. So think twice the next time you want to try for a low fat/fat free food.

2.Multigrain Breads

Bread is a very popular food, and is consumed in large quantities, owing to the convenience of preparation and the taste. Since there is too much demand for bread, companies tend to brand them healthy when they are actually not. Most of the time, the breads that claim to be whole wheat or multigrain contain refined flour as the primary ingredient. Always ensure that you are reading the label on the bread packet. Also check out for any label that maintains the use of enriched flour or bleached flour as both these are also not healthy as it claims.

  1. Packaged Fruit Juices

Fruits juices are definitely better than the aerated and carbonated drinks. But, that does not imply that you finish packet after packet of the pre-packed juices in an attempt to eating healthy. Even the ones that claim to contain 100% fruit juices are just tempting you with their labels. Most of the times, these so called fruit juices are prepared from artificially flavored concentrated and loaded with sugar. And, not to forget the chemicals that are added to extend their shelf lives. If you really want juices, squeeze in fresh fruit pieces.

  1. Protein Bars

The post workout bars are in demand as they are touted to be the must include healthy foods. The truth – they contain sugar or even worse, artificial sweeteners that are not good for your health. Choose to stay away from the ones that are arranged temptingly in the departmental store racks. You can always prepare protein bars at home with ingredients of your choice.

These are just 4 groups of food that we quite often consider as “healthy foods”. The list indeed is vast with some of the popular ones including artificial sweeteners, soy-based foods, high fructose corn syrup delights, flavored yogurts, canned veggies and fruits, and sports drinks. Read the labels and improve your awareness to avoid falling prey to such scams.