So you followed a keto diet and lost weight as per your goals; what next? This is the most commonly asked question and if you too have this doubt, you are at the right place!

Keto diet is the quickest way to loose body fat by consuming good fats and limiting your carb intake. Once you have lost the desired weight, you need not go back to regular high-carb diet as this will only make you gain weight. So how to maintain your weight, whether to still follow keto diet or not? Keep reading to know more.



Keto diet is a way of living and not just a temporary diet. Keto-diet is nothing but going back to the diet our ancestors had- good fats, low carbs and no processed foods. So, this is something you need to adapt for a lifetime! Read more about keto diet here >>


While on a strict keto diet, say you had a maximum of 40-50 carbs daily (or maybe less) which comes from veggies, spices, some fruits etc. Once you achieve your goals, it is necessary that you increase the carb intake a little so you do not remain under strict ketosis and lose more weight. Increase the carb intake to say 60-70 gms of carbs per day. These carbs should not come from junk, but from veggies and fruits.  Have your keto coffee and good fats like you had and limit your carbs to 60-70 gms. Calculate your carb intake always so you are sure you are not crossing the limit or you might put on weight! It is ok to indulge once a week (that too in limit), but make sure you are getting back to your carb limitations. Also, it is necessary you work out regularly to maintain a good balance between fats and muscles. Also, if you have lost a lot of weight, it is good to work out to tighten your skin and muscles so you do not have saggy skin and stretch marks.  Things to know before you start a keto diet >>

Note: If you follow keto diet as your dietitian recommended, keep following what he/she says because everyone’s body is different and having someone recommending you diet and nutrition personally is always better.