We all go through a whole round of emotions throughout the wedding and until it is over. If anything goes unexpected, it can certainly make you panic or ruin your mood 100%; and nothing can get as bad during your wedding. It’s your wedding day; and you have mixed emotions- happy, nervous, confused, conscious, tensed, worried, shy, excited and what not! Just imagine what will happen when you realize your shoes don’t match your wedding dress, or the heels hurt and you have a shoe bite that is preventing you from walking straight. Well, such a bad site that is! But do not panic, here is a complete guide about avoiding wedding shoe mistakes so that you can prevent people from sharing your embarrassing shoe stories with others:


It is very necessary to break in your new shoes before you finally wear it in your wedding; or you may end up with tight and sharp shoes that can cause shoe bites and also make your feet inflamed or swollen. To break in your new shoes, wear socks and put your feet in it. Blow dry the shoe on hot setting in order to stretch it a bit. More hacks on breaking in new shoes >>


Always take your own time in carefully selecting your wedding shoes. Wedding shoes need to be comfortable, of perfect height and need to match your wedding dress. You need to try several shoes and walk to check if it is comfortable or if it hurts your feet and toes etc. if you are in a hurry, you will end up with a mismatched or tight shoe or even the one with wrong height, like you certainly don’t want your wedding dress to either float in the air or completely hide your shoes (it can get under your shoe and make you fall as well!)


It is natural for you to desire to get your ‘dream’ wedding shoes that you imagined to be of pencil heels and pointed tips, but wait- you also need to consider whether they are comfortable for you or not. If you are not used to wearing pointed heels or if you never have tried them before, it’s better to lookout for heels that have a flat base. Pointed heels can certainly make you fall down in the aisle, and you don’t want that to happen right? Besides, pointed tips can also make your toes pain if you are not used to it, so choose shoes according to your comfort levels.  More on hacks to make your shoes comfortable>>


You need to carry a spare pair of comfortable shoes along with you in the wedding. If you feel your wedding shoes are not comfortable or if your feet hurt, you can always change. After all, your health is most important and your husband-to-be won’t be pissed at you for changing your shoes! Also, you can just wear your wedding shoes during the wedding and change to the confortable pair during the after party.


Wedding is once in a lifetime experience (for most of the people, don’t get me wrong :p) and you certainly want the best of attire. Buying a cheap shoe just for the heck of saving few bucks can land you in situations you would never want to be. Cheap shoes are not of great quality and can ditch you anytime and anywhere. Imagine the hell broke off during a dance or while you were walking down the aisle! Always invest in a good footwear to avoid embarrassing situations and you can always wear them in future.