Each and every one of us wants to optimize use if every product and the same are with laundry detergent. Although you may have the best detergent with your to pamper your cloths and garments, there are few other ways which will help to boost the uses of laundry detergents and also give you amazing results. Let’s check different ways to boost the detergents.




They are best to treat not only stinky mouths but also is a boon to people with stinky feet’s. People who perspire more will surely have stinky socks and the smell is completely unbearable. The solution here is mixing some mouthwash with your regular washing powder or detergent and continues the process as usual. See more uses for Mouthwash >>

Baking soda:

This is the best way to keep your cloths look fresh always. Mix ½ cup of baking soda to normal washing process and this will enhance the color of your cloths. For people who love wearing all whites, baking soda is a boon to you all. It helps to make your cloths look crisp and white as always. Once baking soda is mixed with the water, you need to add less of detergent to it.


This is a wonderful ingredient with its various uses. Vinegar helps to boost the washing detergents too, add some appropriate amount of vinegar to the washing water. This will help to kill the bacteria on the surface of the cloths and also help to keep your white cloths looks whiter. Vinegar can also be used to wash newly dyed cloths; it helps to maintain the color and the texture of the cloth.


Lemons are natural cleanser in itself and they can be used to boost and enhance the washing detergents. It sometimes happens your shirt may have rust marks or discoloration may also take place. Lemon juice mixed with warm water or with detergent powder can help to remove the stains and keep them smelling fresh. See more uses for Lemons >>

Starch: You can make a natural starch out at home even. The leftover water while cooking rice can be used as a starch which helps to make you garment crisp and a little hard. Starch should be used for cloths which are made out of loose fabrics and are running out of energy. Cotton cloths are usually in need of starch which helps to keep them in a good condition.

Dealing with hard water:

Hard water may be too harsh on cloths sometime and continue washing clothes in hard water do not retain the quality. You can try boosters such as borax which can be mixed with hard water so that it does not over react with your cloths. Also do not wash them harshly and also remember Gentle wash is the best wash.

Try all these steps and we are sure you will feel the experience in your washing too. Share some experience of yours with us too.