CO-WASHING – Say NO to Shampoo, Wash Your hair with conditioner

Hair is a girl’s asset that she is obsessed about and would do anything to keep it shiny and healthy. Eating healthy and taking care of the hair goes hand in hand when it comes to the health of the hair. Like shampooing the hair a conditioner is also equally important for the hair.

CO-WASHING - Say NO to Shampoo, Wash Your hair with conditioner


A conditioner makes the hair smooth, tangle free and healthy looking. It is a must use product if you have a frizzy hair. The conditioner is basically of 3 types. First is the traditional conditioner, second the leave-in conditioner and the third is the deep conditioner. Traditionally we use a conditioner after shampooing but now things have changes. The new mantra is cleansing with conditioner. So what is it all about? Let’s get to know all the details about this new twist in hair care.

Washing hair with conditioner:-

Washing your hair with conditioner instead of a shampoo is what it is all about. The reason behind this is to reduce the chemical overdose on the hair. Cleansing hair without a shampoo can grant a natural fullness and body to the hair. Most of the shampoos are loaded with harsh as well as drying sulfates which damages our hair completely. The foaming agents present in the shampoos are in particularly bad for curly hair as it makes them frizzy and non-co-operative.

So let us learn the procedure to cleanse your hair with conditioner minus shampoo?


  • First and foremost, Wash your hair in the shower, you can use a shampoo replacement like baking soda, to remove the dirt and build up off your hair completely.
  • After that apply the conditioner on your hair as you would apply a shampoo generally. Massage the conditioner  it on the roots gently and then leave it for a 2-3 minutes. This will help in further cleansing the scalp of any dirt.
  • Next rinse your hair thoroughly with water. This will cleanse the hair completely and also let the conditioning elements to target the sensitive areas of the hair.

The process of cleansing your hair through this method actually helps you save on time too. If your hair is extremely dry then you can leave in some conditioner in the dry sections of your hair like the ends.

Some points to remember while selecting conditioners:-

Select conditioners as per your hair type. Most of the hair products contain silicones in it which help hair look sleek and less frizzy however using these products will damage the hair in the long run. It will coat the hair shaft and take away the moisture from the hair, which makes hair end up looking like hay stack!

If at all you want to stick to your favorite brand then select conditioner that says it contains PEG on it, this means that it contains silicones but it is water- soluble hence there will not be any build-up.

Initially when you switch to no-shampoo routine you may notice some erratic changes in your hair. It may become frizzy or oily as it has to adjust to the no-sulfate routine however things will fall in place eventually. It may take 2 to 4 weeks for hair to completely adjust to the situation.