Essential Vitamins for Hair

We cannot imagine a life without hair problems, can we? All of us would have definitely gone through bad hair days from time to time. Blessed are those who have healthy hair and haven’t faced much of hair related issues. I agree its a tedious task to maintain hair on a regular basis. It needs a lot of care. We might have strong roots, yet the external environment will hamper our tresses. A regular diet is must to retain the hair texture and strong roots. We feed our stomach but fail to feed out hair. Regular oiling ia an external way to take care of hair. However, a healthy diet should be followed to stregthen your hair internally. A good hair depends on your genes, diet and hair care routine. Following are some of the essential vitamins for good hair care:

Essential Vitamins for HairBiotin: It is also known as Vitamin 7 and is responsible for hair thickness and hair growth. It promotes cell growth and also helps in the production fatty acids. It is advisable to take Biotin along with other vitamins such as B5, B6 and B12. It is mostly found in multivitamin supplements.

Iron: Iron deficiency is most common in women, especially vegetarians. Iron supplies oxygen to the hair which in turn promotes hair growth. It is advisable to discuss with your doctor on the quantity of the iron that one needs to consume. It differs from person to person. However, please include iron related food in your regular diet. Egg Yolks, spinach, chicken and lentils are some of the iron rich foods.

Zinc: This is specifically recommended to people who are high on heavy exercises and gym routines. They tend to sweat a lot, loosing significant amount of zinc. Thus, it has to replaced either by following a proper food or by consuming zinc supplements. Pumpkin seeds, chocolates, lamb, turkey are some of the zinc oriented food.

Vitamin E: It increases the oxygen supply to the body, thereby increasing the blood circulation, in turn promoting the hair growth. It strengthens the immune system which controls the hair loss. It neutralizes the free radicals which is great for a healthy skin. Beans, nuts, leafy vegetables and soyabeans are rich in Vitamin E.One can also opt for Vitamin E supplements. Take 1 supplement every day with a glass of water. ensure that you do not consume too much of Vitamin E as it might lead to bleeding. Please consult your physician or doctor in case of any doubt.

Inositol: It is one among those vitamins which is essential for cell membranes. It is equally good for eyes, intestine, bone marrow and brain. It improves hair growth along with helping the body in various functionality. When glucose breaks down, it results to inositol. This is the natural process of generating inositol by the body. However, it is not sufficient. Foods such as beans, citrus fruits and whole wheat grains are the other sources of inositol.

Vitamin A: It is also known as Retinol. It produces sebum which is an oil produced by scalp to refrain the hair from drying and breaking off. It also fights with free radicals that causes hair loss. Carrots, spinach, cod liver oil are some of the great source of Vitamin A. It is equally good for eyes. One should not take an over dose of Vitamin A as it will harm the body and might have side effects.

Proper supplements and proper diet will definitely ensure healthy hair. It is always recommended to consult the hair care professionals or physicians before adding  any extra supplement to your diet.