USES FOR EXPIRED COSMETICS When you lipstick starts changing its texture and when you can see the kajal pencil tip turning white, it is a bad new for you, your product has expired. Although, it is advised to always have a check on the manufacturing date and stop using the product when its starts showing any symptoms of being expired. Obviously, you can’t afford risking with your face by using the bump chuck cosmetics. You will probably think to trash them as soon as possible, but we have got some amazing alternate uses of them too. So, read on to know the uses of expired products before you decide to throw them away.

Mascara stand: You can use the expired mascara stand as a brush too. Once you are confirmed that your mascara has expired, trash the bottle and keep the mascara stand with you. Wash it properly in Luke warm water and then use it as a makeup brush which can be used to groom your eyebrows and eyelashes.

Perfumes: There is a most common trick that everyone uses with perfume. The chances of perfume being expired are high because of the atmosphere and storage condition. You may use the expired perfume as a room freshener, or spray them in-car. They can also be used in toilets to keep the stinking smell at bay.

Conditioner: It is very rare that your conditioner gets expired. You can use the expired conditioner to wash your cars and soft toys. You may use it for someday to clean floors and use it as an alternative to surf or washing powder.

Shampoo: Shampoo has a pretty long life and there are less chances of shampoo being expired. However if you come across shampoo where it has starting changing its texture, it can be used to wash your carpets, garments, or wool dresses. You can also wash your delicate lingerie in the shampoo water

Body lotions: Due to presence of various mixes of ingredient, body lotions are likely to get expired. Expired body lotion can be used to clean any metal container or may be your makeup plastic pouch. Wipe it latter with a cotton ball.

Skin toners: Skin toners have alcohol content in it, which helps it to get expired soon. The natural alcohol presents in the toners help to clean the mirror and glasses at home. You need to spray little of toner on the mirror and wipe it with newspaper or soft cotton cloth.

Nail polish: Expired nail polish can be used as a key marker or a sealer. They can be used to colour your shoe lace or sometimes your button even. The most used part of expired nail paint is it is used to colour keys to differentiate it from the other.

Foundation: You can use loose powder or foundation over your scrap books. If you have a panting done, just a little of foundation powder over your painting will help to lighten up. Remember people rolling marbles over painting to get the natural shining effect?

Here we have brought you the uses of expired cosmetics, what would you try to do?