BEAUTY BENEFITS OF EXERCISE Exercise affects you in waistline and beauty as well. According to studies, exercise has not only helped you to get the perfect posture by losing some pounds, but also helps to make you look gorgeous beautiful.

May be you work out to ward off risk of diseases, but there many and many healthy reasons why you should exercise and workout in gym. So, next time you are searching for an excuse to get into a gym again we have brought you a post regarding beauty benefits of exercise. So go gym, get gorgeous.

  1. Luscious look

You can look luscious without even going to salons and burning a big hole in your pockets. Exercise helps to regulate the blood circulation all over the body which keeps your scalp and hair follicles nourished and also brings insta glow on the skin. Due to continuous workouts, you drink lots and lots of water which keeps your body well hydrated too.


  1. Reverse ageing on face

Running the treadmills and pushing up your body helps to circulate the blood throughout the body and skin. Exercising can actually work on the damaged cell by replacing them with new one and also reversing the risk of anti-ageing on the face. So, this should be great news for you, enter the gym at 40 and step out after few days or months in 30’s. Studies have shown that there are less signs of ageing on women who are exercise junkie and go to gym at least thrice a week.

  1. Insta glow

So did you just bring a fancy cream to pamper your skin? Forget all of them, as exercise can help to boost your immunity and give an immediate glow on skin. By getting tedious workouts done, your heart beat increases which results in increases circulation of blood throughout the body which boost detoxification and cell renewal. The skin is well pampered by the natural oil released by the body during workout.

  1. Smooth’s your skin

Exercising is a mini facial, which helps to release the hard pore oil which is usually released while you are steaming face. Due to sweat released while exercising, the body produces collagen which helps to deliver the essential vitamins and proteins to the body and skin. The best feeling that comes after exercising is your skin becomes soft and clean without putting any efforts on it.

  1. Less stress

Some people look lethargic, dull and dead every time. This may be due to some reasons on being over stressed, depressed or any other factor which makes them feel low. Working out helps to emotionally support you, this results in lowering your stress and the anxiety level too. Most of the people suffer from different levels of anxiety and stress which is balanced by exercise.

  1. Less visceral fat

There are two types fat in the body- the one which you can see and pinch easily is benign and the other one which forming layers and layers of skin over your belly is called visceral fat. Exercise helps to reduce the visceral fat and looks you appear slim too. When you exercise, your whole body is working out with lots of energy and pressure; as a result the process speeds in converting the fatty acids to new cell which are to be burned as energy. You can get rid of extra fats on face too.

Exercise is about million small perks which ranges from better body, peace and calm, inducing deep sleep and feeling the gorgeous in you – off course!

So, when have you decided to join a workout session?

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