UNUSUAL USES FOR EXPIRED PERFUMEMany of the people are confused whether a perfume really expires or not. But here, we tell you the answer to this query. Yes, perfumes do expire and they tend to change the smell once they reach the expiry date. Normally, the expiry of a perfume is only after 3 and more years, but they tend to expire soon because of the improper storage condition.

Perfumes if stored near sunlight or in warm or hot places tend to expire soon. This is because of the unfavorable condition making the bacteria active and resulting in weird smell. However, if your perfume has expired, here we state you some unusual ways to use them.

  1. Use to remove nail paint

Perfumes tend to have properties of alcohol, which helps to remove the nail paint even without remover. Due to the alcohol present in the perfume, the nail paint molecules tend to lose its color and come out easily. You can apply little of expired perfume over the nail paint and remove it with the help of a cotton ball.

  1. Clean keyboards

Expired perfumes can also be used to clean keyboards efficiently. Due to alcohol present in the perfume, it helps to remove the dirt accumulated between the keys and edges effectively. If you are running out of a keyboard cleaner solution, you can always use expired perfumes.

  1. Clean mirrors

Did you know expired perfumes can also be used to clean mirrors? Yes, it is because of the alcohol solution which helps to clean the mirror without leaving any stains behind. Just spray little of perfume on the mirror and clean it with a damp soft towel.

  1. Use as a room spray

Some expired perfumes do not change smell, but they are definitely harmful if sprayed over body. Use the expired perfumes as a room spray to keep your rooms smelling fresh always. Although, it does not last for long hours, but they can last up to 6 hours which is one among the amazing uses of expired perfumes.

  1. Over shoes

If you tend to perspire more, than it is sure you are suffering from stinky feet problem. However, you can spray perfume on the shoes and then wear them. This will help to control the pungent smell from releasing out. Also, if you don’t experience stinky feet problem, you can always keep your sandals smelling fresh by using this technique.

  1. Freshen up mattress

Mattress is very thick in texture, which makes it impossible to wash them frequently after each use. You can always use an expired perfume to freshen up the mattress and keep them smelling good. Perfumes mostly tend to smell mild, which smells good even if sprayed over your pillow cover and bed sheets.

These were some of the brilliant ways to reuse old and expired perfumes.

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