Have you ever decided to change your outfit for an important soiree at the last minute, only to realize you don’t have the right bra for it? Of course you have- we all have! Bra is one of the most essential things we all use in our day to day life. It’s a very basic need of every woman, but has several kinds available to match your every mood and styling need.

TYPES OF BRAS EVERY WOMAN NEEDSYour first bra was probably pretty simple, just a white or beige training bra, right? But as you get older and your style ‘evolves’, your standard basic bra just won’t cut it. Here are some types of bras every women needs:


Exposed bra straps can totally ruin the clean look of a strapless or spaghetti strap dress or top. A strapless bra keeps you supported and covered while leaving your shoulders bare. If you have bigger boobs, it won’t give much support but will surely come handy when you need to wear off shoulder dresses. Fit is especially important for a strapless bra, since you won’t have straps to help keep it place, so do try before buying.

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If all of your bras are acquaintances, the basic bralette is your bestie. Typically unpadded, seamless, and either made of cotton or spandex, it’s one of those everyday bras you always turn to because it’s supportive yet still comfortable. You surely cannot wear the fancy padded ones at home but you can surely wear the basic bralette. It is comfortable and at the same time causes no rashes related to wired bras.


A convertible bra has modifiable straps that can be transformed into a halter, racer-back, one-shoulder, or strapless style. A convertible bra is a great versatile bra, and handy to have in case you need a quick solution without time to go shopping.


For people who exercise a lot, this one is a necessity. It is really important to wear a bra that can give you comfort and of course support to your breasts. It’s a perfect fit for the dual purposes of comfort and support. Not only does it keep the breasts in place, it also lends support to your back. Also, consider this: your breasts can fly almost 8 inches outward when you run and they also have ligaments that stretch over the course of your exercise, leading to sagging. A sports bra, thankfully, will save the day!


Because there are times when a lady’s Décolletage could do with a little enhancing, and this is just the push (pun, unintended!) you need for killer cleavage. Choose between padded or non-padded ones depending on your cup size.


Contour bras have cups that maintain a breast shape whether on or off. This is achieved by having the cup moulded out of thin foam. Besides giving your breast a great pre-determined shape, a contour bra totally eliminates any nipple show-through