TRICKS TO MAKE YOUR NAIL POLISH LAST LONGERJust a few tricks and tips practiced appropriately can make your nail paint last longer. Most of the time, when we do the nails the nail paint stays for 2-3 days but not maximum than a week. Yes, the quality of the nail paint does matters, but it never gets more than a week. They mostly start breaking and loosing color after few days of applying. The most embarrassing thing is to fix back the broken nail paints over nails, once it is done. Breaking of nail polish is just not acceptable any of us! Untidy here we brought you different tricks that will make your nail paint last longer.

Use a base coat: Using a base coat is very important in order to make your nail paint last longer. Base coats are usually sticky in texture which helps to maintain the nail paint last longer. This is used as a primer, which forms a strong base for nail paint to set on the nails. Always try to use sticky coat on the nail

Soaking: ‘Soaking makes your nail paint stay longer’ is the most common myth which is between beauty junkies. You should never sock your nails after applying the nail paint. Water helps to lose the color molecules from the nail, which eventually makes them fade away sooner.

Using Vinegar: Vinegar can be your best friend, if you always wanted your nail paint to last longer. Applying vinegar with the help of cotton swab before applying nail paint helps to make them last longer. Vinegar helps to create the barrier between the nail polish.

Two Coats on nails: Applying two coats of nail paints over the tip of the nails, always help to protect the nail paint and make it last longer. You might always observe the nail paint from the tip starts fading first and then it moves towards the end. Save them by applying two coats

Drying: Drying is the most important part of getting perfect nail paint. Soaking is obviously not the way to dry your nail paint sooner; in fact during soaking the fingers and the nails shrink which results in fading the color. Always dry the nail paint naturally or in cooler air.

Shaking of bottle: How to do shake the bottle of the nail paints? Up and down, Am I right? This is the wrong way which leads to generation of bubbles. Always rub the nail paints in your palms in to and fro direction. This helps to create heat and also activate the molecules inside.

Try to coat after 2 days: To maintain the nail color for longer, try to update them like other simple things you do. Applying a transparent coat on nails after every two days will make your nail paint last longer.

Nail paints are the best friend of every girl, give them what they need and they will hug your nails back with pooping colors. Have a happy nail polishing!