THREADING - QUICK AND PAINLESS HAIR REMOVAL SOLUTIONThreading is a unique technique popularised everywhere, which is used to remove the extra facial hairs. Usually girls go for the threading method while making eyebrows or upper lips. Threading is the best method which successfully removes the tiny hair on the face and also arches your eyebrows well. Not to forget, the thread used in this process is a bit thick from the regular threads which we use for sewing. First session of threading your upper lips or getting an eyebrow can always be painful.

History of threading: To know about the history of threading, we are proud here to speak about the origin of this technique in India followed by many western countries. Ladies all around the world have believed the trusted the treading method which is quick and painless too. Ladies from Iran or any Islamic countries, consider threading as a ceremonial need.

Activities involved: Threading involves pulling the hair from the roots which is a long-lasting solution. Threading makes sure you don’t need to pluck your hair again at least for 14 day. However, it also depends upon the growth of the person and also the hormonal level. Thus, it may differ from women to women.

Threading is considered to be much safe because of the process of plucking hair without using any chemical solution or using any hot wax. To make this process easier, talcum powder is applied on the skin first so that the thread glides on the skin easily and also the hair is removes in the painless way. Also, threading just pulls the hair and there is no harm to the skin done. You don’t contract any allergies or side effects by the process of the threading.

According to various studies and reports, threading is a long-lasting solution as compared to waxing or laser treatments. Because it involved pulling the roots of the hair, which makes it last longer.  As the thread pluck the hair follicles, the next hair grown is softer and fragile which makes it easier to be plucked again.

However, you should be very careful regarding the process of threading done. You would be very well aware that the shape of the arches can actually change the look of the person. So, this is the time to be alert and not to be lazy enough to leave ignored. As mentioned above, it pulls out the roots so that the next hair follicles take more time. If, this goes out of way and the arches are not made well, you might be in problem.

How to make it painless

  • To make the process painless, as soon as you finish doing your eyebrow or upper lips, you can rub few ice cubes over them. This will calm down the irritation if any.
  • Massage the area with aloe Vera cream to provide coolness and calmness.
  • At least for a day, stay away from sunlight.