TRICKS TO KEEP LIPSTICK AWAY FROM TEETHHave you been through that incident when the lipstick you wanted to flaunt gets transferred to your white teeth’s? Yes, that becomes embarrassing when you actually want to flaunt your lipstick, but your lipstick starts dating your teeth. The more you want to save the lipsticks from teeth, the more it gets into it. 99% of women get stains of lipsticks on teeth’s and here we got some tips to get them away successfully.

  1. Using a Tissue Paper

Placing a tissue paper between the lips and teeth’s can help to get rid of stains on the teeth’s. This is one of the oldest tricks used by everyone, which prevents lipstick from bleeding and getting into teeth.

  1. Using a straw

You may have sometime observed some part of lipstick gets transferred to teeth’s and even the cup. Using a straw while drinking can prevent the stains of lipstick on teeth’s.

  1. Index Finger

Use the index finger to keep your lipstick away from teeth’s. Put in the index finger, and keep your mouth in 0 positions, you will be amazed to know to see how much the lipstick gets transferred to the finger. It is always the Extra lipstick that is transferred to the teeth’s and sometimes bleeding of lipsticks takes them there.

  1. Lip Brush

The real and simple technique of applying lipstick is using a lip brush. Lip brush helps to apply the appropriate amount of lipstick on the lips and it also helps to stay away from the teeth’s.

  1. Using matte lipstick

Using a matter finish lipstick is must to avoid lipstick getting into the teeth. If you use an excessive lip gloss or smooth textured lipstick over lips than there are high chances of them to get into the teeth. You have large variety of lipsticks in matte finish, which can be applied on the lips to make them look fuller and away from lips too. If you want to give a touch of gloss to be the lips, apply a little on the centre.

  1. Biting lips

Always remember not to bite the lips. This is extremely unattractive and annoying to see a person biting the lips. Biting leads to smudging the lipstick over lips and then gets in contact to teeth.

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