Waxing is an alternative method which every girl opts to get a hair free skin. Although the process of sugar waxing is being used from ages, there are various alternatives and other options to hair removal. Every girl wants to always rundown of all the hair removal methods and their pain factors. It is not razor anymore that you are thinking right now as an alternative for waxing.

TOP PAINLESS ALTERNATIVES TO WAXINGThere are different hair removal methods that work better tan waxing and also there are no complications encountered till now. Although the process of waxing is completely depended upon your waxing expert and the different skin every girl has.

Let get acquainted with the alternatives of waxing.

  1. Shaving

Shaving is the simplest and easiest form of hair removal known to every girl. This cheap method of hair removing was first introduced during World War 2 where girls used to wear nylon stockings. Due to no other way they opted for shaving their hands and legs which is now a popular trend. Always remember to use sharp blade while shaving and take precautions while waxing the bikini line. Although, this is not recommended for a lady to shave her upper lips, chin cheek and facial hair.

  1. Tweezing

Tweezing is another alternative method which can be used to pluck out the extra facial hair. Tweezing works best on eyebrows where girl can pluck out the extra hair easily without incurring much pain and cost too. Although, if you have not found tweezing beneficial and also found it to be a painful job, you can surely opt for threading done by a professional artist. Now it also depend upon the tweezers you are using and how. Tweezers should mostly be neither much blunt nor narrow towards the end. Blunt and narrow tweezers happen to miss out the tiny hair on the face and also they pull out with pain.

  1. Threading

Threading was first introduced in India which was considered an alternative method to tweezing and waxing. Date back to history it was only threading which was carried out in parlor which grew popularly including the western countries too. Now, a professional thread is being used to thread the eyebrow properly which prove better result than waxing and tweezing. The thread used here is double up strand of cotton thread which can pull out the hair from roots easily.

  1. Electrolysis

Electrolysis is now considered to be a better form of hair removal which works even better than lasers. Because electrolysis focuses on one hair at one time, it becomes a tedious process from rest others. Electrolysis is mostly carried out for plucking hair from small areas like eyebrow, upper lips and chin. The pain in electrolysis is much more than a laser treatment and others.