Lemons belong to the citrus family and are used for various purposes. Right from cleaning the utensils to cleansing your skin, lemon has proved it’s worth. This yellow colored fruits has an aroma that can soothe your mind. It is used to clean your digestive system and assist you in weight loss. It is also a great skin and hair product. Apart from that, it is used as an ingredient in most of the recipes. It is sold at a very reasonable price and can be purchased by all the sections of the society. This article will talk about ways in which you can store lemons:

HOW TO STORE LEMONS TO KEEP THEM FRESHStore at room temperature:

The lemons that are heavy must be purchased. Wondering why? Yes, the lemons that are heavy has a thicker skin and they tend to contain more juice. They will also remain fresh longer time and will not dry out easily. Lemons can be easily purchased from  any supermarket or grocery store.

Keep it away from direct heat:

You can place lemon in a glass bowl and arrange it in a way you desire. There is no hard and fast rule. Ensure that the lemons are away from direct sunlight. Do not keep them near the gas as well.

Store the lemons at room temperature:

If you do not have a fridge, you can store lemons at room temperature. They will be fresh till a week or so.

Store lemons in refrigerator:

This is the best way to store lemons for a longer time. Buy lemons and free it from the polybag that was holding the lemons. Take an airtight container zipper pouch and place all lemons into it. Ensure that no moisture is left before you seal it. Store it in the crisper drawer and set the temperature of the fridge. Keep the humidity low. Not all the refrigerators has this option. If your fridge gives you that option, do go for it. Whenever you need lemons, take it out and zip the pouch immediately so that the rest of the lemons doesn’t come in contact with the air. The lemons will remain fresh for maximum of 4 weeks.

Store cut lemons:

There are many times when we do not use the entire lemon and we are forced to throw it as we aren’t sure if it will be fresh for the next day as well. However, the cut lemons can also be used for a day or so if you know how to store it properly. Chop the lemon in half. Place it in the container in such a way that the inside of the lemon touches the container. Close the container with the lid. Your lemon is fresh for next 24 hours. Do not store it for longer time. It is just a temporary solution.

Hope this article has been useful to you. The above tips can be used on regular basis as lemons are used in almost every task, right from cleaning to cooking. However, be careful if you have any cut or injury as the citric acid will give a burning sensation. It is always better to use fresh lemon as the citric content will be high. Do let us know your opinion on storing the lemons or let us know if you are aware of any other methods of storing lemon.