Top 7 Foods That Trigger Acne

A face full of breakouts would be the last thing on your list, especially if you have that weekend party. Keep your worry at bay as we are here to offer you some good advice. There is a certain set of food that you can keep yourself, lest you want your nightmare to become reality. There are no stark evidences that prove all these foods cause acne in everyone. While dairy products cause acne in one, peanut could be the other’s woe. Here are a handful of acne triggers that you can keep in mind…

Top 7 Foods That Trigger Acne

Chocolate : Studies conducted on chocolate and acne suggest that the rich presence of fats and sugars in the former could stimulate the production of sebum. This, in turn, causes your body to showcase an extensive level of inflammations, provoking undesirable skin breakouts. While there are no staunch proofs for that chocolate can be blamed, it would be desirable to stay away.

Dairy Products : A study conducted by the American Academy of Dermatology suggests that milk can provoke acne. Milk and other dairy products are known to contain ingredients that could trigger the onset of acne and pimples. So, if you really want to have milk, then almond milk or coconut milk could be the answer. Also, stay away from you cheese and yogurt too.

Sugar: Sugar is always in the limelight for bad reasons. And. Here is one more. The pro-inflammatory nature of sugar is known to provoke the onset of acne. It is advisable for people with acne prone skin to stick on to an anti-inflammatory diet routine. If you want fruit juice, then squeeze some fresh ones and drink it. And as far as sweetener is concerned, you can opt for artificial sweeteners in limited amounts.

Soy: If your acne breakout is along the mouth and jaws, then soy foods could the trouble. Soy is rich plant-based estrogens, the phytoestrogens. They imitate the properties of natural estrogen, playing with the hormones. So, if you have ever experienced any such incident after a stint with soy, then stay away from everything, including your low calories energy bar made using soy.

Coffee: A cup of coffee is refreshing for your senses, but bad for your acne prone skin. Coffee is a source of a certain type of acid that stimulates excessive cortisol. It is akin to androgen and thus provokes the sebum secretion, in turn leaving your skin broken out and inflamed. Opt to drink tea in the place of coffee.

Processed foods: Bread, croissants, baguettes, cookies, and cakes share a hate relationship with acne. All these trigger inflammation. And to go acne free, you have to shun inflammation triggers.

Peanuts: Peanuts are rich in androgen, an acne provoking hormone. Intake of peanuts increase oil levels of skin, carving the path for excessive sebum. This invokes inflammation and then acne. You can choose to enjoy almonds and cashews in the place of peanuts.

Studies suggest that a diet rich in high glycemic foods trigger acne. So, stay away from them and prevent breakouts.

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