Health Benefits Of Bananas That You Should Know

A banana a day gives you a whole bouquet of benefits. While many of you would have heard it as a natural remedy for constipation, bananas actually is good for your weight loss and weight gain goals. Plus, it keeps a check on the functioning of your heart, while pepping your vision. Keep them handy in your desk and munch one when you need a dose of energy. Read on to know 7 interesting reasons you should include banana in your diet…

Health Benefits Of Bananas That You Should Know7 Goodness Of Banana To Tease Your Body

  1. For your weight: Weight gain or weight loss, banana is the solution. It makes an ideal mid meal snack with just 90 calories coming in from a 6 inch fruit. The natural sweetness satiates our sweet teeth, while fiber keeps you full, avoiding overindulgences. Having a banana just before your meal will help you eat right. And, all these help in weight loss.

Talking about weight gain, you can prepare a milkshake by blending two 6 inch overripe bananas with 300 ml full fat milk. This can easily become your morning breakfast to add up the required pounds.

  1. Stronger, safer heart: Potassium present in this yellow-skinned fruit play a major role in regulating the rhythm of the heart. You need about 4,700 mg potassium daily to ensure that your heart functions the right way. A 6 inch banana gives you 360 mg, while choosing other foods wisely can help you meet the daily recommended values. An arrhythmic heart is lethal; so eat a banana to shield your heart.
  1. Better vision: Vitamin A, the fat soluble vitamin, plays a key role when it comes to vision health. The alpha and beta carotenes along with vitamin A present in bananas ensure that your eyes are healthy. Thus, it thwarts of various vision related disorders, including night blindness.
  1. Gives you that dose of instant energy: Bananas are laden generously with natural sugars. These have the potential to transform into instant energy. So, if you are feeling low, then just pop in a banana. Including bananas in your breakfast is known to be beneficial to keep the energy levels up throughout the day. s
  1. Good for your digestive system: Be it the morning sickness during pregnancy or constipation, diarrhea or stomach ulcers, bananas are the reliable home remedies for all these conditions. The fructooligosaccharide present in banana triggers probiotic activities in the colon, which in turn facilitates nutrient absorption, and thus improves the digestive process.

The fiber binds with the stools and softens them, offering relief from constipation. On the other hand, when diarrhea strikes, it bounds with the loose stools, hardens them, and eases diarrhea too. The protease inhibitors present in this fruit eliminates the bacteria triggering stomach ulcers. The antacid found in this fruit is an effective cure for heartburns.

  1. Better alertness: Packed with the B Vitamins, bananas make excellent tonics for nerve functioning. The potassium boost the alertness, learning potential, and mental vigilance. Studies suggest that people and kids who had a banana 30 minutes prior to their interview and examination showcased better performance than non-eaters.
  1. Home remedy for insomnia: Having a troubled sleep? Eat a banana two hours before bed. The tryptophan triggers the secretion of melatonin, the sleep hormone, blessing you with a good sleep.

These are some pretty good health benefits of banana that would tempt anyone to eat one a day. What are your reasons?

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